Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes as of May 24th, 2021

Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes as of May 24th, 2021

Like most other battle royale titles, Free Fire also has emotes that help players interact with each other on the virtual battleground, helping add to the fun.

There are numerous emotes available, and players can acquire them either by playing events or by purchasing them with diamonds.

Emotes that are to be bought with diamonds are rare to find. Many players don’t have those emotes either due to the price or because they were launched early in the game. This article looks at some of those rarest emotes in Free Fire as of today.

What are the rarest Free Fire emotes now?

1) Flowers of Love (Rose emote) (Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes)

The Flowers of Love emote was launched in 2019 as part of the Valentine’s Day Top Up Special event. To receive the emote, players had to spend 500 diamonds.

With this emote, the character will make a lovely gesture with a rose in its hands. As it was to be bought with a lot of diamonds, not many players own it.

2) FFWC Throne (Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes)

One of the best emotes in Free Fire is the FFWC Throne, last seen in a limited-time event a few months ago. It was released during the Free Fire World Cup series in 2019.

The emote builds a golden throne for the character to sit on with a kingly gesture.

3) Push-up

Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes

During the Bomb Squad Elite Pass Season, the Push-up emote was available as a reward in the Elite Pass tiers (Elite Pass Season 9).

When the emote is played, the character will begin doing planche push-ups.

4) Doggie

In 2019, the Doggie emote was added to the Emote Party event. This event required players to participate in a lucky draw, where they had to spend diamonds to win rare and legendary emotes.

The Doggie is an awesome emote, and when played, the character celebrates and dances with a puppy.

5) Eat my dust

Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes


Eat my dust is a legendary emote that was first available during a Top Up event. Players were required to top up a certain number of diamonds before claiming this emote for free from the events section.

Upon playing, the character jumps over a vehicle and celebrates by dancing atop it.

Disclaimer: The rarity of these emotes is listed according to widespread speculation and discussion in the Free Fire community. The emotes listed here may or may not be rare for all players.

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