Bay leaf gives health and beauty, know 10 secrets

Bay leaf gives health and beauty, know 10 secrets.

The use of bay leaves is not limited to eating only food. Many people may be surprised to know that using bay leaves can also benefit your skin and hair. Come, know how you can use bay leaves to enhance your beauty and become healthy.

1. Bay leaf is very beneficial if there are spots, spots or acne on the face. A paste of bay leaves or washing the face with boiled water after adding bay leaves helps to keep the face clean and spotless.

2. The water of bay leaves also helps in healing the skin affected by the rays of the sun, and helps in maintaining the skin tone.

3. The use of bay leaves is very effective to keep the hair soft, soft and shiny. If you want, you can put it in the oil and apply that oil to the roots of the hair, or you can wash the hair with its water.
4. Applying a paste of bay leaves on the hair can get rid of the problem of dandruff. This paste can also be applied by mixing it with curd, so that the scalp remains moist and nourished.

5. Drying bay leaves and using its powder as a paste is effective in maintaining the whiteness and luster of the teeth. If you want, you can try it once a week. (Bay leaf gives health and beauty)

6 If someone has back pain for a long time, then drinking this decoction provides quick relief. If you want, you can also massage the waist with bay leaf oil.
7 This decoction also helps in removing physical pain caused by cold wave. For this, prepare a mixture by grinding 10 grams bay leaves, 10 grams carom seeds and 5 grams fennel together. Now put this mixture in 1 liter of water and boil it well. When 100-150 ml remains after boiling water, switch off the gas. After some time when this mixture cools down then your decoction is ready to drink.

8 If there is a sprain somewhere, then a decoction of bay leaves is helpful in relieving swelling and pain. If you want, you can grind bay leaf and apply its paste on the painful area, it also gives relief.
9 If there is swelling in the veins or there is strain in the veins, even then the decoction of bay leaves provides relief.

Copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium and iron are present in plenty in 10 bay leaves. It contains many types of antioxidants which also help in protecting against cancer, blood clotting and many serious diseases related to heart.

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