Belfal: a unique summer companion, read 7 qualities

Belfal –Bellapatra and bel are commonly used in the worship of Shiva. But from the health point of view, the fruit of the vine is very beneficial. In particular, it maintains coolness in the summer season and gives you better health. Know these 7 unique qualities of Belfal –

Know these 7 unique qualities of Belfal –


1 During summer, the fear of sunstroke is highest. Drinking vine syrup does not pose a risk of heat stroke, and it acts as a medicine when the heat is applied. It is very beneficial in removing heat from a hot body.

2 Excess heat in the body can cause problems such as amoebic diarrhea. To get rid of it, take half a raw-cooked vinegar daily or consume the sherbet of the vine. It is very beneficial in diarrhea.

3 Many times in summer, the eyes start burning as they turn red. In such a situation, pouring a drop of the juice of vine leaves in the eye immediately benefits and there is no harm. Make sure that there is no waste in the juice. Tying a pulp of vine leaves on the eye provides relief in eye pain.

4 In the digestive problems, the consumption of ripe belafal is beneficial. Drinking its syrup keeps the stomach clean. This fruit is digestive as well as strong. Vata-phlegm-related problems are also eliminated by its use. If pregnant women start feeling nauseous in the summer, drinking two spoons of vine and ginger’s decoction are beneficial.

Blood Clotting On Head Know In Detail

5 Marmalade of the vine increases the strength of the body and removes weakness. It is beneficial in stomach problems, eating vine pulp with Khand provides relief in intestinal diseases.
If there are insects in the stomach of children, then giving the extracts of its leaves is an effective solution. Feeding one teaspoon of ripe vine to young children daily strengthens the bones of the body.

7 Lick the ripe fruit of the vine with honey and sugar candy, the color of the blood of the body clears and the blood also increases. At the same time, eating black pepper, rock salt in its pulp, the sound is also melodious.

Blood clotting on head   BelfalBelfal    Belfal    Belfal Blood clotting on head           

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