Benefits of Camphor: Kapoor has many benefits, not this article

Benefits of Camphor: Kapoor has many benefits, not this article


Benefits of Camphor –Kapoor is an Ayurvedic medicine. It has many different benefits in different ways.Because It is also applied on the body, it is applied on the head, it is kept in clothes, even the pooja is incomplete without it, camphor is also used to reduce the negativity of the house. It has many other benefits. Let’s know –

– When there is a lack of any chemical in the body, then the mind does not feel. Many times we smell kerosene which makes us feel very good. In the same way, smelling camphor makes the chemicals in the brain called Lek was more active which enhances the decision-making ability.

Drinking Water Makes The Immune System Strong

– The ability to smell with camphor increases.

– If you feel suffocated in the house, then you burn a little camphor and roam it in the whole house. This increases the oxygen level.

– Often the number of people’s glasses increases continuously. In such a situation, warming the camphor slightly above the eyebrows reduces the number.

– If your feet are constantly swollen and aching, then camphor can give you relief. Bake the legs by adding salt in camphor and warm water.

– Keep camphor open in the house. With its fragrance, positive energy will flow in the house and the atmosphere will also be pure.

– If the symptoms of cold, cold are seen, then you can also take camphor water vapor. It will be effective in early symptoms.

Take These 5 Precautions When The Home Is Isolated

– If you are struggling with the problem of dandruff, then mix camphor in coconut oil. Apply it to the roots twice a week. You will get rest soon.

If you are feeling tired throughout the day, then mix camphor in mustard oil. After this, keep massaging on the floor. You will get rest in a few days.

During Aarti, camphor is used so that the atmosphere remains pure and fragrant.

– Do you know that there are two types of camphor –

Natural camphor i.e. Bhimsen Kapoor and camphor containing chemical

In Tirupati Balaji, camphor is also used in laddus offerings. But it is natural camphor. Which is called Bhimseni Kapoor. This camphor does not have any special shape. It is also called Ayurvedic camphor. Its aroma is so enticing that the mind becomes happy.

– There is a fear of insects in closed clothes, so camphor is also kept in clothes.

– If there are mosquitoes, cockroaches, or rats in the house, you can smoke camphor and keep camphor also.


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