best for health food: Best health for important. you know

best for health food: A small and easy change in the routine for Best health can make you healthy and longevity. Provided you take some things for life and remove some discarded things forever. For this, adopt a simple 20-point life.

best for health food

      best for health food: Useful tips for the best health


1Get up every morning and go for two or three km before sunrise. Start the day with sun worship. This will awaken a power that will give freshness to the mind and heart.
2 Make sure to regularly take time to see your deity. Regardless of any religion, you must pray to God according to your religious system.
3 Always keep the body straight. That is, if we sit, weighed if we walk, then we stand, then we should keep my body tight.
4 Make a habit of reducing the use of the vehicle by reducing its attachment. Walk for short distances as far as possible. This will exercise a muscle, which will make you stay healthy and attractive, as well as help protect the environment.
5 If you want to remain healthy and fit for free, then you should do three things. The first is to get up early in the morning and go for a long walk for air intake, and the second must be chewed properly and chewed at the right time and the third must go to defecation both times.
6 There should be no worry, anger, or mourning while eating and at bedtime. Washing hands before meals and feet before sleeping and cleaning the mouth both times is beneficial.
7  Do enlightenment in the morning and night. Also, take a bath before sleeping and change your clothes. You will feel fresh.
8  The beauty of the body, mind, and thoughts is lost due to anger. Renounce anger and avoid the loss of your physical energy by staying restrained.
9  It is a misconception that eating eggs, meat increases strength, and drinking alcohol brings pleasure. Eating eggs, meat can make your body fat and strong, but some diseases also arise from it. Drinking alcohol does not bring bliss, fainting, and illnesses, so avoid them.
10  Try to make health by eating. The best way to do this is to chew the food always by chewing it. So that the digestion is good, it will not cause any problem. That is, if you want to keep the digestive power right, then eat at the right time and chew each mouthful 32 times.
11  Life is the name of walking, mobility is life, always remember this.
12  Wear clothes to suit your personality. Wear some loose clothes, it brightens your mind and you will remain agile.
Do not let the mind fall into sleep, keep a desire to do the work promptly.
13  If sex power is to be maintained, do not do erotic thinking. And do not cum more than once a week.
14  In the state of illness, it is very harmful to consume the subject in the morning and sunset and during fasting, soon after getting rid of the disease, after having food, after weary of labor or travel.
15  Do household tasks yourself- these tasks give fruits of many exercises.
16  The beauty of the body lies in its cleanliness. Take special care of it.
17  Always keep hair at bay. Use oil regularly in your hair. Keep hair short, clean, clean unnecessary hair.
18  One who spends more money than his financial power becomes a debtor. One who becomes more laborious than his physical strength become

19  The one who consumes more than his capacity quickly becomes old and impotent and the enemy who is stronger than himself is destroyed. So avoid their excesses.
20 Have a sense of dedication to the goal, purpose, and work in your life.

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Best health

  best for health food: Keep this in mind for the best health.

  • The fundamental driver of stoutness is slick and sweet substances. It expands fat, apathy, and dormancy in the body. By expending these substances in a constrained amount, you can keep up the best wellbeing. In this manner, devour these substances in constrained amounts.
  • Deny overwhelming substantial food or non-absorbable nourishment for best wellbeing. Regardless of whether you need to do this, quick one time and parity it.
  • Utilize an ever-increasing number of products of the soil in food. Acquire basic oil components from them, get basic oil for the body from normal substances as it were.
  • Every organ of the body breathes through the punctured pores. That is the reason while resting, wear garments that are meager, perfect, free, and negligible. Cotton garments are the best.
  • On the off chance that you need to rest joyfully, don’t stress ‘at sleep time, simply do’ examination ‘or ponder.
  • Along these lines, by embracing these significant hints, you won’t just keep the best wellbeing, yet you will likewise be upbeat. Hence, by embracing your basic way of life, consistently be sound, upbeat, and effortless.(best for health food)

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