Coronavirus Vaccination: Don’t do these 7 things before and after the corona vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccination: Don’t do these 7 things before and after the corona vaccine


Coronavirus Vaccination –Soon the vaccination of those above 18 years will also start. There are some habits in the youth that they need to take care of during vaccination. These things can also become overwhelming if you are negligent.
There are certain rules of vaccination that must be followed. Vaccination may also have the opposite effect if ignored. So keep these things in mind…
1. Do not consume alcohol – Coronavirus Vaccination

Do not forget to consume alcohol even before vaccination. This may reduce the effect of the vaccine. However, before vaccination, drink plenty of water and eat it after filling your stomach.

2. Do not take painkillers

– Do not take any type of painkiller before applying the vaccine. If you have slight pain, you can also take home remedies. Some drugs may also react adversely to the vaccine. Therefore, do not take any pen killer 24 hours before vaccination, even after taking the medicine only after the advice of the doctor…

3. Avoid traveling –

Do not move without worrying after vaccination. Do not get the illusion that vaccination has taken place, so now we will not have corona. In fact, after vaccination, you cannot travel on any kind of journey. According to the guidelines of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is advised not to travel after vaccination.

4. Do not consume cigarettes –

Today’s youth use cigarettes more with tea, but now you should stay away from it. After vaccination, you cannot consume cigarettes or alcohol. Your lungs are already affected by the use of these two. Therefore, do not consume any kind of intoxication for a few days before and after vaccination.

5. Don’t wake up late at night –

Sleep always keeps you healthy. So take complete rest before and after vaccination. Do not use mobile till late at night. Good sleep provides a good response to the vaccine.

6. Do not go to a crowded place –

after getting the vaccine you have to stay at home. Do not forget to go to a crowded place. This is against the rules of vaccination. You have to stay at home and relax. Do not go anywhere until 2 to 3 days after vaccination.

7. Do not work immediately Coronavirus Vaccination

– Many people do not feel much after vaccination. So they start working. But do not make such a mistake. Do not work even if you feel fine. Relax the body. Which will give you more benefit from the vaccine. These are the rules that everyone should follow before and after vaccination.
It is necessary to do. All these rules are made from the point of view of security so that there is no problem. This is just a general rule and can also be followed.



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