Depression: Ignoring the symptoms of depression can be dangerous

Depression: Ignoring the symptoms of depression can be dangerous


Depression – Although all of us are in a bad mood at some point or another. If there is life, happiness and sorrow also come and go. Being sad can also be the effect of some bad event. Even if you are of the ‘happy go lucky’ type, sometimes you can feel extinguished. And, even if you are of the perpetually lamentable or grumpy type, one or the other thing must have made you happy. You may be either of the two types, but sometimes there will be sadness too. But, this sadness should remain so much that the person becomes completely ‘niranand’.

He should not be interested in speaking, singing, flowers, birds, children or anything. Even the things in which he was interested in the past should not be able to distract him. He doesn’t even feel like getting out of bed in the morning, but he can’t sleep at night. His regular work should also come to a standstill because there is no energy left in him to go to the office or to deal with the responsibilities of the house, bath etc. So it could be depression or depression.

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Other symptoms of depression include lack of concentration, feeling inferior, feeling unnecessarily guilty, feeling guilty for no reason, crying, loss of ability to make even small decisions (such as which of the two Wearing a C shirt), Sudden loss or increase in weight, Loss of appetite, Feeling anxious and anxious, Loss of any hope for life, Frequent thoughts of suicide, Bad-worst Feeling like it, thinking everything in reverse, feeling life in vain, no life in the body, feeling like this. Mistakes or forgetting in small things, etc. Along with this, there can be many physical problems as well because depression is a psychosomatic or psychophysical condition.

Therefore, in the state of depression, there can be body pain, back pain, stomach disturbances. An increased heartbeat, high nervousness, may be felt, but depression cannot be ruled out simply because there is no blood test or a thermometer to show that the person has depression.

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