Ebola knocks after Corona in Congo, four people dead, WHO also confirms

Mabandaka After the worldwide pestilence crown infection which has spread everywhere throughout the world, Ebola infection has thumped in Congo. This has been affirmed by the nearby specialists just as the World Wellbeing Association. As indicated by the data, six new instances of Congo Ebola have been accounted for, four of them have kicked the bucket.

jaanakaaree ke anusaar, kaango ke svaasthy adhikaariyon ne somavaar ko kaha ki pashchimee shahar mabandaaka mein ibola vaayaras ke chhah nae maamale saamane aae hain. inamen se chaar mareejon kee maut ho gaee hai. bata lair ki saal 2018 ke baad yah doosaree baar hai punch kaango mein ibola vaayaras ke nae maamale saamane aae hain.

vishv svaasthy sangathan ke mahaanideshak tedros ne kaha ki kaango ke svaasthy mantraalay ne ibola vaayaras ke maamalon kee jaanakaaree dee hai. haalaanki jis shahar mein ibola vaayaras ke maamale saamane aae hain, vahaan korona vaayaras ka stomach muscle tak koee maamala saamane nahin aaya hai. haalaanki poore kaango mein korona ke stomach muscle tak kareeb 3,000 maamale saamane aa chuke hain. unhonne kaha ki korona aur ibola ka aapas mein koee sambandh nahin hai.

ibola aphreeka ke ushnakatibandheey varshaavan vaale ilaake kee kshetreey beemaaree hai, jo isase sankramit vyakti ke shareer se nikalane vaale taral padaarth ke sampark mein aane standard phailatee hai. isake lakshanon mein shuroo mein achaanak bukhaar, kamajoree, maansapeshiyon mein dard aur storm mein kharaash hotee hai.

isake baad ultee hona, daayariya aur kuchh maamalon mein andaroonee aur baaharee raktasraav hota hai. adhik raktasraav se maut sharpen ka khatara rahata hai. manushyon mein isaka sankraman sankramit jaanavaron, jaise chimpainjee, chamagaadad aur hiran aadi ke seedhe sampark mein aane se hota hai.

As indicated by data, Congo wellbeing authorities said on Monday that six new instances of Ebola infection have been accounted for in the western city of Mabandaka. Four of these patients have passed on. Leave it alone said this is the second time after the year 2018, new instances of Ebola infection have been accounted for in Congo.

The Executive General of the World Wellbeing Association, Tedros, said that the Congo’s Wellbeing Service has educated the Ebola infection cases. Be that as it may, in the city where there have been instances of Ebola infection, there has been no instance of Crown infection up until this point. Notwithstanding, around 3,000 instances of the crown have so far been accounted for over the Congo. He said that Crown and Ebola have no relationship.

Ebola is a provincial ailment in the tropical rainforest area of Africa, which spreads when a tainted individual comes into contact with liquids discharged from the body. Manifestations incorporate an abrupt beginning of the fever, shortcoming, muscle hurts, and an irritated throat.

This is trailed by spewing, looseness of the bowels, and now and again inner and outer dying. There is a danger of death from unreasonable dying. In people, it is transmitted through direct contact with tainted creatures, for example, chimpanzees, bats, and deer.

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