Enjoy your workout, follow these 5 tips

Enjoy your workout -It is very important to prepare yourself before doing any kind of workout, which is also very difficult for many people. But once it starts and gets used to exercising, many good results also emerge. Do not steal life by exercising, nor consider it helpless. By doing regular exercise, diseases like stress, diabetes and BP are kept away.

How to enjoy your exercise time, so that there is no need to push yourself every time you do it, but with your happiness
Perform the regular exercise with full enthusiasm.

Enjoy your workout, follow these 5 tips


1. Exercise that you like, do it right there. In which your mind should be fixed. By doing the same exercise, you will also get good results, because you do your exercise regularly without killing your mind with your happiness. Aerobics, Zumba Dance, Gym, Yoga Add the exercise you like to your routine.

2. Exercise provides many health benefits. Be sure to think about this and pay attention to your workout. Remember that to lose weight with exercise or maintain weight, make it honest and regular, then the results will be good and good.

3. Try to exercise 5 minutes more. Walk 15 minutes on the first day, 20 minutes after a week, 30 minutes for a few weeks and then 40 minutes and last at least 1 hour.
4. Do not rush to do the next step of exercise while exercising. Give yourself time Do not do that if you start a 15-minute walk or a 15-minute yoga, then it is not necessary to do a 30-minute walk or yoga the next day. Doing this will not develop stamina in the body.

5. To make exercising interesting

put some fast music on your mobile and listen to it while exercising. At the same time, if doing yoga, you can play very slow tunes of flute, sitar, tabla playing.
Take care of these things as well

Do not drink readymade juice or cold drinks for half an hour after exercise. Drinking only water coconut water is beneficial for you.

Do not go to exercise after eating food. It is right to exercise only on an empty stomach.

Never drink a lot of water before exercise and after exercise. This may cause abdominal pain.

In order to keep yourself hydrated, you can drink water one by one in between exercises.
Food should be eaten only after 1 hour of exercising.

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