Eye Care Tips: Eat this food to keep eyes healthy, exercise

Eye Care Tips: Eat this food to keep eyes healthy, exercise


Eye Care Tips –Care of the body, as well as the eyes, is also necessary. Many times vitamin deficiency, due to lack of proper care, affects the eyes. Therefore, periodically check up the eyes in a quarter or six months. So Take care to eat to keep the eyes healthy. So that your eyes remain healthy and do not even ache.

Sometimes, running a laptop and mobile throughout the day has a great effect on the eyes. This also causes the eyes to become weak, so to keep the eyes healthy for a long time, do a good diet and exercise. So let’s know what to eat and exercise for the betterment of the eyes –

1. Vitamin A-

Vitamin A is most beneficial for keeping the eyes healthy. Because Carrots contain beta-keratin which keeps the eyes healthy and keeps the eyes healthy even in old age.

2. Vitamin C-

Even so, Vitamin C is found more in citrus fruits. so With the help of vitamin C, collagen in the eye is destroyed and new cells are formed. Therefore, citrus fruits are also considered good for health. So In this, you can eat grapes, oranges, amla. Eating citrus fruits brightens the eyes.

3. Eat nuts-

Because Yes, the ingredients present in vineyards, cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts are beneficial for the eyes. These contain high amounts of antioxidants. So mix all the nuts and eat only equal to one mutti.

4. Exercise –

Along with eating, you must also exercise.  ‘So Take 15 minutes to exercise your eyes. even so Rotate the eyes round and round. Clockwise and anti-clock vice three times.

5. Sprinkle water in the eyes-

Yes, after brushing every day, keep water in your mouth and peel cold water in the eyes. This will not irritate the eyes and also increases the light of the eyes. Also, during the office or other work, after 45 minutes, relax your eyes for 5 minutes.

6. Keep the cucumber –

Also fatigue increases in the eyes after working all day. In such a situation, So you should put cucumber on your eyes and go to sleep to eliminate eye fatigue. So After 15 minutes, your eyes will feel very cold and relaxed.

7. Green Vegetables-

Even so Yes, eat plenty of green vegetables to keep your eyes healthy. Because the Green vegetables are abundant in antioxidants, which gives great benefit to the eyes. Because Spinach is considered the best for the eyes. Also peas, cabbage, broccoli, and green coriander.

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