Garlic ginger is the best antibiotic, know the right way of consumption

Garlic ginger is the best antibiotic – To fight any disease, it is very important to have strong immunity. We are all aware of this and to strengthen it, it is also necessary to follow a nutritious diet and the right routine in our diet. Also, there is a need to include such things in our diet, which will make us strong from the inside. We have all those medicines in our kitchen whose properties we are still unaware of.

Yes, you must have used ginger-garlic to enhance the taste of food, but do you know about its health benefits? You can get a healthy body by consuming garlic-ginger. But at the same time, we also need to know about how to consume it. Most people think that the consumption of ginger-garlic is enough only in food, but apart from this, you should also consume them, because their properties reduce during the cooking of food. Let us know in this article about the benefits of garlic-ginger and the right way to consume it.

Garlic ginger is the best antibiotic – How to strengthen the immune system?


Use garlic to strengthen immunity. Instead of eating it cooked in food, cut it into small pieces. Let them air for some time. Antimicrobial element is found in garlic. These elements work against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Antivirus protection is also provided by eating garlic.

How to eat garlic

* Cut it into small pieces. You can take it with water after eating food.

* Instead of chewing and chewing garlic, swallow it directly with water. Consuming garlic in this way is more beneficial

* After eating garlic regularly for 25 to 30 days, the smell of garlic will start coming from inside you, then you understand that you do not have to consume more garlic than this.
* Garlic is not digested by many people. For this, do not consume it together and gradually get used to it.

* In the beginning, you should consume a very small portion of garlic, then gradually increase it in the same way. When you are taking garlic, then also consume curd with it.


Ginger is full of medicinal properties. By consuming it, you can keep your immune system strong. Its regular consumption will give you many health benefits.

How to eat ginger?
* Grate ginger very finely and grate it. You have to take ginger 1 tsp. Add 6 glasses of water to it. Now let it boil. When this water becomes 3 glasses, take it out in 1 cup.

* You can also take it with jaggery or honey. Consume it once a day.

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