How to Enhance Platelets: How to increase platelets, if there is a shortage of blood, then try 5 remedies

How to Enhance Platelets: How to increase platelets, if there is a shortage of blood, then try 5 remedies

The sign of a healthy body is having the right amount of platelets in the body and their functioning properly. But due to lack of platelets, your body and health have to suffer. You can easily increase the number of platelets through your diet. Learn –

1 Taking a diet rich in nutrients like protein, vitamin A, C, K, folate, zinc, folic acid, selenium, etc., will prove to be an effective way to increase platelets.

In your diet, include curd, amla, garlic, green tea as well as coconut water and fruits like pomegranate, papaya, apple, beetroot, as well as drinking papaya leaves juice is also a beneficial solution. (How to Enhance Platelets)

3 Daily consumption of aloe vera is also beneficial for this. Eat aloe vera anus daily in the amount of 20 to 25 grams or drink it after making its juice.

The use of 4 wheatgrass i.e. jowar is also very helpful in increasing platelets. Drinking jowar juice every morning on an empty stomach will gradually increase the number of platelets.

The use of 5 Giloy is also a panacea for this. Mix Giloy with basil, boil both of them well and prepare a decoction. Daily use of this decoction will be beneficial. (How to Enhance Platelets)

Generally, anemia is seen as anemia. Iron deficiency is also a major reason for this. The risk of anemia is higher in young children, female sportspersons, surgery or accident patients. At the same time, this problem can occur due to bleeding during menstruation and pregnancy in women.

Know 5 easy tips to avoid anemia i.e. anemia …

1. To avoid the problem of anemia, red meat, seafood and eggs are beneficial. But if you are a vegetarian, then soybeans, peas, dry fruits and apricots are a better option for you.

2. Include maize and different types of pulses in your diet along with fresh green vegetables. Due to this there will be no deficiency of iron in the body, which is the main cause of anemia.

3. Include fruits in breakfast and meals. Vitamin-C present in them is helpful in absorbing iron in the body and increasing its capacity.


4. Do not drink tea or coffee too hard, it makes it difficult for the body to absorb iron.

5. Do not take iron pills without doctor’s advice at all. Consume them only after taking a blood test and after consulting a doctor, because an excess of iron in the body can become a problem for you.


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