How to prepare cumin-coriander-fennel water, know the benefits

How to prepare cumin-coriander-fennel water -Many people are troubled by problems such as weight gain due to lockdown. If you have the same complaint and you are trying to get back in shape to your shape then this article is just for you. As we all know that food plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, we are telling you in this article about a detox drink, by which it will be effective in staying healthy and fit for you. This drink is a detox drink prepared from cumin, coriander and fennel, which helps to flush out toxins from the body, as well as making the skin soft and healthy glowing, let’s know.

How to prepare cumin-coriander-fennel water, know the benefits

Cumin for weight loss and glowing skin:

This Indian spice is known for its various health benefits. Cumin seeds eliminate digestive problems and strengthen the digestive system. It is also very useful in reducing weight. Digestive problems become common during summer, while cumin can help in getting rid of all those problems. It is also rich in nutrients like potassium, calcium and copper, which can help keep your skin supple.

Coriander for weight loss and glowing skin:

Because Coriander is a good source of a variety of minerals and vitamins, which help in reducing excess body weight. Coriander seeds have antiseptic properties, which can be effective for treating many skin problems. Therefore, the use of coriander is considered important during summer, because the excess oil on the skin due to heat and sweat gives rise to various skin problems.

Anise for weight loss and glowing skin:

Acne is a common skin-related problem in the summer season and fennel is known to cool the skin. It has properties such as zinc, calcium and selenium, which are good for balancing hormone and oxygen levels in the body, which bring a healthy glow to the skin. Also, it reduces weight.

How to prepare cumin-coriander-fennel water?

Soak half a teaspoon of cumin, coriander and fennel in 1 glass of water overnight.

The next morning boil this water well and sieve the water.

Add black salt, honey and half a lemon juice to it.


1 Where you will get glowing skin from this detox drink, you will lose many kilos of weight.

2 It is a water of spices rich in Ayurvedic properties. Which increases metabolism by completing many types of deficiencies in the body.
3 This detox drink also keeps the skin shiny and clean.

4 is also good for increasing digestive power. There are many nutrients like Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, due to these, it also helps in keeping the balance of hormones.

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