Immune System: If you want to strengthen the immune system, then try delicious remedies in monsoon

Immune System: Monsoon, rain, rain, rain, whatever name we call it, but on the level of realization, this weather is going to bring coolness to the mind. The whole nature awaits its arrival. But some health problems also arise in this season. Health problems quickly engulf those who have low immunity. Simple steps can strengthen your immune system.

Immune System: If you want to strengthen the immune system


First solution-

Boil 4 dates in a glass of milk and cool it. In the morning or at night while sleeping, separate the kernels and chew the dates thoroughly and drink milk.

Second Remedy:

Break the dates or pind dates and grind them coarsely. Boil it in milk. When it becomes thick like kheer, add slivers of all types of dryfruits and serve hot. This delicious treat is also beneficial for health during the rainy season. By consuming it continuously for 3-4 months, the leanness of the body is removed, the face becomes full. Beauty increases, hair grows longer and thicker and strength increases. This experiment is useful and beneficial for all men and women of young, old and old age.

Third solution:

Asthma patient should eat two dry dates daily in the morning and evening after chewing. This gives strength to the lungs and reduces the outbreak of phlegm and cold. People with weak digestive power should try the remedy only after asking the doctor.

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