Kids immunity: Increase your children’s immunity like this before the third wave

Kids immunity: – Keeping the immunity of children strong in Corona is also very important. In such a situation, you must include fruits and vegetables in the diet of children.

Kids immunity: Increase your children’s immunity like this before the third wave

It is very important to protect children from diseases caused by coronavirus or changing weather. The immunity of young children is very weak, in such a situation any virus infection can affect them. At the same time, there is talk of a third wave of coronavirus coming, which is being said to be very dangerous for everyone. In such a situation, special care of children also needs to be taken. You can include such things in the diet of your children, which will strengthen the immunity of children.


Kids love sauces and jams. In such a situation, you can give chutney of amla, lemon, gooseberry to strengthen the immunity of children. You can also feed murabba, pickles, and jams made from these ingredients. Children will like their sour-sweet taste and will also get energy.

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Breakfast – Kids immunity

Instead of giving Maggi, Pasta, Burger to children in breakfast, feed them some good home-cooked food. You can give roti, halwa, gram flour and rajgira laddoos to children with ghee and jaggery. In the evening, the level of cortisol hormones in the body is low. You can give this kind of food to give strength to the children.

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Try to increase the immunity of children by eating fruits and vegetables.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet of children. This will strengthen their immunity. In summer you can feed things like mango, guava, amla, broccoli and jackfruit. These foods strengthen the immunity of children and growth is also good.

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Dal-Rice – Kids immunity

You need to plan every meal of the kids well. You should also include lentils and rice in the food to increase immunity and to give energy. Give the children to eat rice after adding curd and rock salt. Also, give rice to eat along with lentils and ghee. Rice is also a better source of vitamin B and amino acids are also found in it. It also removes irritability in children.

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