louki ke chilke : If you know the benefits, you will not throw them

Louki ke Chilke -Even if you do not like eating louki vegetables, but its peel contains properties that give relief from health and beauty problems, after knowing them, whenever you go to the market, you will definitely buy the louki. Come, know which 5 medicinal properties are in the louki ke chilke-

Louki ke Chilke : If you know the benefits, you will not throw them


1 Sunburn or Tanning-

You will be surprised to know this, but using gourd peel can prove to be very beneficial for sun-scorched and darkened skin. For this, just make a paste of these peels, and apply it on the skin and then wash it.

2 Warmth and burning sensation- Louki ke Chilke

The skin and foot soles become irritated due to excess heat, so gourd peels can be used to avoid. Rubbing these peels on the skin provides relief.

3 Piles- Louki ke Chilke

Gourd peels are beneficial even in the case of piles or piles. Dry these peels and make powder and consume it twice a day with cold water. There will be relief soon.

4 diarrhea- Louki ke Chilke

Gourd peels also play an important role in relieving diarrhea problems.

5 Cabbage and Gas – 

Plenty of fiber and essential elements are found in the gourd peel. This occupation also removes the problem of gas.

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peels of Gourd are fully filled with minerals

Many people do not like the taste of gourd. But for your information, let us tell you, eating gourd keeps the stomach fine (Lauki Benefits) and it is also very easy to digest (Bottle Gourd Benefits). Apart from vegetables, sweet things like barfi and pudding can also be made from it. In the same way, gourd peels also prove to be very beneficial for health and beauty. Gourd peels contain essential elements like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium and Manganese (Bottle Gourd Nutrition).

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