Plums: Health Benefits of Juicy Fruits Will Surprise You

Plums is a very tasty fruit. It is known in English as plums. This tastes sweet and sour in taste. It is also eaten fresh or dried. Plum have many health benefits. If you do not like to eat, then after knowing its benefits, you will definitely start eating.

Come, know about the 13 benefits of delicious red and maroon colored plums –


1 There are about 46 calories in 100 grams of 1 plum. Therefore, calories are found very less in it as compared to other fruits. For this reason, it is also very helpful in controlling your weight.

2 Plums do not contain saturated fat or saturated fat at all, due to which you also get nutrients after eating it and weight does not increase.

3 Plums are rich in dietary fiber, of which sarbitol and isatin are prominent. In particular, these fibers facilitate the functioning of body parts, and also improve digestion.

4 Consuming plums daily helps you to get relief from constipation as well as helps in cleaning the stomach.

5 Vitamin-C present in plums is helpful in keeping your eyes and skin healthy, and also increases immunity. Apart from this, Vitamin-K and B6 are also found in abundance in it.

6 It prevents the formation of blood clot, which reduces the chances of blood pressure and heart diseases. Along with this, it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

7 Plums play an important role in keeping your lungs safe as well as protecting you from oral cancer. Apart from this, it proves helpful in preventing diseases like asthma.

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8 Plums protect you from the sun’s UV rays, apart from this, vitamin-A and beta-carotene are also found in abundance, which is beneficial for the eyes and other organs. It also sharpens the eyesight.

9 Consumption of plums with peel is helpful in preventing breast cancer. It stops the growth of cancer and tumor cells.

10 Plums are extremely helpful in preventing osteoporosis in women. Post-menopausal women can protect themselves from osteoporosis if they consume plums.

11 By eating plums daily and applying its pulp on the face, there is a natural glow on the face, as well as the skin gets all the nutrients, which keeps it healthy.

12 Antioxidants present in plums help in keeping your skin as well as brain healthy. It also plays an important role in reducing your stress.

13 It lowers your bad cholesterol and boosts immunity. Plums contain iron content which helps in the formation of blood cells. Due to the abundance of potassium, the cells of the body become strong and blood pressure also remains under control.

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