Raw Foods: If you are eating raw for immunity, then it can be expensive for health

Raw Foods – In order to increase immunity during the Corona period, people have also made a lot of changes in their diet chart. People have started liking healthy food more. He has made yoga and exercises a part of his lifestyle. But it is said that incomplete knowledge is dangerous.

Yes, we are definitely consuming fruits and vegetables to be healthy and to increase immunity, but we are also consuming raw vegetables. It is fatal for the body from both scientific and Ayurvedic points of view. Many people believe that by eating raw fruits and vegetables, the body will get the necessary nutrition. Cooking will destroy their properties.

What things can be eaten in Raw Foods?


Raw fruits, salads and nuts can be eaten. But eat vegetables only after cooking. Raw fruits and vegetables should also be washed with water at least three times a day. If you want, you can also wash the fruit and vegetable with salt water to remove fine animals and sticking bacteria.

Danger to the digestive system!

Cooked food is recommended by experts because it is easily digested. There is no harm to the digestive system either. Eating raw vegetables has a greater effect on the digestive system. It is difficult to digest raw vegetables, sometimes the stomach also starts hurting. If you want, you can cook the vegetable a little and eat it by adding turmeric and a little salt.

Often, even after washing raw vegetables in water, fine insects remain, so Dr. and experts advise to eat cooked. Sometimes raw food items contain bacteria, which can cause any kind of infection if they enter the stomach. Not only this, but there can also be a risk of stone. Therefore, apart from salads, nuts and fruits, food should be eaten after cooking and boiling.

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