These 7 symptoms can identify kidney worsening

These 7 symptoms can identify kidney worsening –If kidney disease is not identified in time, it can prove to be fatal. The kidney is the part of our body that works to get the dirt out. Both the kidneys contain millions of small filters called nephrons. Nerophanes work to cleanse our blood.
If there is any type of problem in the kidneys, the toxins do not come out of the body, due to which many diseases can be caused. To avoid these diseases, let us know 7 such symptoms that indicate kidney failure –

These 7 symptoms can identify kidney worsening


1 Changes in urinary function:

The first symptom that emerges is a change in urinary function. Due to some type of problem in the kidneys, the color, quantity and how often urine comes, these things start to change.

2 Swelling in the body:

When there is any problem in the functioning of the kidneys, the dirt and fluids that do not come out of the body cause problems. Which causes swelling in the body. This swelling can occur under the hands, feet, joints, face and eyes. If you press your skin with your finger and the dimples persist for a while, do not delay in going to the doctor.

3 Dizziness and weakness:

When the functioning of the kidneys is obstructed, then you are more susceptible to dizziness. The whole time you feel tired and feel weakness. These symptoms can be caused by the lack of blood and the accumulation of dirt in the body.
4 Unable to understand the cause of back pain: You may experience symptoms of kidney pain, kidney infection, or kidney disease in the sides of your back and abdomen.

5 Skin roughness and itching:

Sudden skin rash, rashes, weird feeling and very itchy feeling can result in the accumulation of body dirt. The amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body is affected due to the ineffectiveness of the kidney, which causes sudden itching. Normally healthy skin also begins to crack, become rough and itchy.

6 vomiting:

Symptoms like vomiting as a result of kidney problems are common. Apart from this, problems related to gas are revealed every morning. If you find the problem persistent even after taking medicines for vomiting, get a full checkup done by a doctor immediately.

7 Chills:

It is also a symptom of strange chills in spite of good weather and sometimes fever due to cold. If you feel cold even when your temperature is high, then doctor’s advice is very important. (These 7 symptoms can identify kidney worsening)


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