Tips and Diet Plan of maintain a healthy lifestyle

Tips and Diet Plan of maintain a healthy lifestyle


maintain a healthy lifestyle -You all must have heard a saying that ‘If money is gone, nothing goes, body (health) goes, something goes, and character goes, everything goes.’

We all want our body to be healthy, we do not have any disease, but despite wanting so much, some disease creates a place in our body. Especially, if we talk about today’s time, then due to the way pollution is increasing, then the chances of getting sick further increase. So what should we do so that we do not fall ill, to protect our body from all kinds of diseases.

In today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle, we have given up taking care of our bodies. If you take care of some important things in your daily routine, then you can get better health.

Healthy Life Routine

1. empty stomach water
Make a habit of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning. Drink 1 glass of water every morning on an empty stomach.

The advantages

• Water excretes dirt from the body.
• Loses weight.
• Removes stomach problem.
• Controls body temperature.
• Increases immunity.
• Helps skin glow.
• Eliminates laziness.

2. Morning Breakfast
It is very important to have nutritious breakfast in the morning as our body needs protein as soon as it wakes up in the morning.

Can have breakfast in the morning

• Have breakfast of raw gram and peanuts.

• Eat any fruit with coconut water.

• One apple per day keeps you healthy.

• Homemade poha or upma.

• bean sprout

Apart from this, in the morning you can also take 2 to 3 almonds with 1 glass of milk, it is rich in protein.

3. Yoga and Exercise
Make yoga and exercise a part of life. Yoga and exercise are very important for keeping the body health. Yoga and Pranayama improve our brains on the one hand and on the other hand they increase our immunity. By the way, yoga should be done daily, but at least 3 days a week.

4. What to eat in the afternoon?
Do not consume fast food at lunch time. Eat nutritious diet properly during lunch. For this, you can take two chapatis with chapatis, 1 bowl of lentils (peeled), 1 bowl of seasonal vegetable, 1 bowl of curd (can be buttermilk in summer), 1 bowl of rice and salad of tomato or cucumber together.

After lunch, take a glass of fruit juice. After half an hour you can drink plenty of water. Carbonated soda should not be consumed after meals. Peanut butter can be eaten in the evening by applying it to the roti. Drinking green tea in the evening is also good in terms of health.

5. Dinner Time
Have dinner between 7-8 pm. The advantage of this is that by the time you go to sleep, digestion has already been done. Sleep only after 2-3 hours of eating food. Sleep at night while drinking a glass of lukewarm milk. (maintain a healthy lifestyle)

Positive thinking and success, know how?

Some other suggestions

Do not consume drugs like cigarettes, gutka etc.
Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, kisses etc. were consumed at some intervals. They make up the deficiency of any element in our body.
Honey acts as an effective medicine. Must also consume it.
Morning walk is very beneficial. Try to go a few days a week.
Sleep in time at night and wake up in the morning at sunrise.
Friends, a good routine can save us from many diseases. So make your routine good and stay healthy.

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