What are the doctor’s code words in Medical Prescription

What are the doctor’s code words in Medical Prescription.

When we fall seriously ill, we go straight to the doctor, he prescribes us a variety of medicines to take at different times. They also bring medicine from medical, but every time even after being told by the doctor, they forget which medicine to take when. However, after the medicine by the doctor, it is written in the last that which medicine to take. But due to lack of knowledge of medical terminology, common people do not understand it. So let’s know how to understand medical terms in general – (What are the doctor’s code)

Rx = Treatment
q = each
qD = per day
qOD = every single day except
qH = every hour
S = without
C = with
SOS = When needed
QAM = every morning
QP = Every Night
HS = while sleeping
PRN = as per requirement
BBF = Before breakfast
AC = before meal
PC = After Meal
BID = Twice a day
TID = thrice a day
QID = Four times a day
OD = once a day
BT = while sleeping
BD = before meal at night
Tw = twice a week
Q4H = Every four hours

So now it will be much easier for you to understand than before. If you forget to ask the doctor, then you can also understand through these terms.

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