What are the symptoms of mucor mycosis? Why are people vulnerable to it?

What are the symptoms of mucor mycosis –The outbreak of the coronavirus is not yet over … The recovery figures of the patients have not reached a level … The mourning of death in the house of the patients who lost the battle with the corona also did not calm down that another disease spread. started. After reaching the home of those who have recovered from Kovid, now another new disease is being born, neither to the family nor to the patients. Mucar Mycosis is slowly stirring in the country due to fatal diseases. Many questions have arisen in the mind of patients related to mucor mycosis.

But first of all, what is mucor mycosis?


Mucor mycosis is also known as black fungus infection. The disease is the most common among post-covid-19 patients. This fungal infection starts in the nose, then in the mouth, then reaches the eyes and then goes to the brain. Treatment is also possible by identifying the symptoms at the right time. However, this infection is affecting most patients with diabetes. Let’s know some information related to Mucor Mycosis-

The risk of Mucormycosis disease is higher in these 6 people –

1. In diabetes patients
2. Those who have a high intake of steroids
3. In patients living in ICU
4.Right of serious diseases
5. In people with post-transplant and malignancy
6. In people with voriconazole therapy
Symptoms of Mucor Mycosis –
1. Sinus discomfort, nasal congestion, nasal bone pain
2.Black of black fluid or bleeding
3. Eye swelling, blurring
4. Pain in the chest
5. Having trouble breathing
6. Fever

What to do to prevent black fungus infection-

1.Check your blood sugar level after recovering from Kovid.
2. Dr. Use steroids only on the advice of them, reduce the dose of steroids more than they recommend.
3. Dr. Use antibiotics and antifungal medicines only on the advice of
4. Use clean water in a humidifier.
5. Keep hyperglycemia under control.

ICMR has issued guidelines to prevent and control black fungus infection. Let’s know what said –

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1. Diabetes patients should control their sugar.
2. Reduce the use of steroids with the doctor’s advice.
3. Shut down immunity booster medicines.
4. Do not take if antifungal prophylaxis is not needed.
How Black Fungus Infection Can Be Treated-
1. Do not let the body hydrate, that is, there is no water shortage.
2.4 to 6 weeks can take antifungal therapy.
3. Take the help of a central catheter.
4. Observe with radio imaging techniques.

Please take Dr.’s help to prevent black fungus infection. Always wear a mask at all times. Take full care of the hygiene around you. These days the coronavirus is spreading rapidly. According to the report released by the CDC, the virus can also spread up to 6 feet away. Blood sugar levels from the deadly virus also begin to increase rapidly. Do not ignore the symptoms like numb face, toothache, swelling, toothache, sore throat. Contact Dr. immediately if you feel slight symptoms.


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