Yoga poses, which you can easily do sitting at your desk

Yoga poses, which you can easily do sitting at your desk


Yoga poses -During work from home, we work for a long time sitting in front of our desk or laptop, in such a situation there is strange pain in the body, shoulders, neck and back and due to this pain, sleep is not good at night. She comes. Stretching is recommended to avoid these. But for this work cannot be left out and you can get rid of these problems with yoga and you do not even need to move from your seat for this.
We are telling you some easy poses by which you can get rid of all these problems.

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Stretch your wrist and finger. For this, take the fingers of one hand in the palm of your other hand. Move the same hand forward, at shoulder height, and slowly pull your fingers backwards towards your wrist until you feel a mild stretch.

Stretch the wrist and your finger. For this, you have to follow the first step only. The only difference is that in this stretching every finger is pulled backwards one by one.
For neck stretching, your first look upwards and then downwards. After that turn your neck slowly to the right and left.

For the shoulder: (Yoga poses)

Slowly raise your shoulders up and down. Do it slowly back and forth. This will give you relief from shoulder pain.

Do Tadasana while sitting: For this, raise both your hands upwards and let it sit for a while. After this repeat it 1 to 2 times.
Do side stretching after tadasana. For this, extend your right hand to the left side of your body and do the same step with your other hand.

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