Importance of Hard Work Best Essay

Importance of Hard Work- Hard work is said to be the effort that is made by a person for the attainment of his purpose. Hard work is the only means of human progress. Through hard work we can get all the things which we need. Through this even the most difficult tasks can be made possible. There is an ancient saying that the person who works hard with mind, word and deed to achieve his goal by believing in his efforts, success kisses his feet. Through hard work all the desires of man are fulfilled.

Importance of Hard Work

How is hard work the key to success?

The life of those who do not work diligently is always full of sorrow and pain. By hard work we can attain Dharma, Artha, Kama and even Moksha. The world is a witness to the fact that any nation which has progressed till date, the only secret of its progress is the hard work of the people of that country.

America’s example is before all of us. Most of America is barren, but on the strength of hard work and courage, America is sitting on the top of the world today. This country is not only self-sufficient and helps other countries as well. Another example is Singapore. Singapore is a small country, but today it is counted among some of the most prosperous and happiest countries in the world. The hard work of the residents of all these countries is the reason for their success.

Importance of Hard Work

Importance of Hard Work- Hard work is the golden key that opens the closed doors of fate. Hard work is the secret of success in life. The glory of diligence in human life is limitless. This makes a king a rank and a weak man strong.

Labor whether physical or mental, both are fruitful. Just as the rubbing of a rope leaves marks on the strong stone of a well, similarly even the most difficult tasks become easy through hard work. There have been many such great men in the world who have achieved success only through their hard work. India became independent only due to the hard work of revolutionaries like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Tilak, so hard work is the key to success.

This world is full of infinite happiness and wealth, but it can only be enjoyed by those who have the dedication to work hard. Even nature bows in front of hard work. Hard work is the true worship of God. That is why the great poet Tulsidas has rightly said that –
“Gross matter is the world’s mother, not the karmaless man.”

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