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Learn to share what you want. Life’s most important lesson


Life’s most important lesson –Friends, our life is like a boomerang. Actually, whatever words we use for others, one day comes to us. Whatever we give to this world, one day it returns manifold to us. Therefore, we should treat everyone the same, treat them as we expect for ourselves.

The biggest principle of life is that you will reap what you sow. Whatever things you want the most for yourself, share it the most. If you want to get respect from others, you have to respect others openly. But if you despise others, you will get the same in return.

If you want others to support you in difficult situations, then you stand with them in their difficulties. If you praise, that is what you will get. This is the rule to live, but it is a matter of great sadness that most people are unable to implement.

Let’s try to understand it with a short story-

A mother, who was climbing the mountain with her young son, suddenly slipped and fell. As soon as he was hurt, he shouted loudly – ah… hhhhhhhhh… ..momm…. The son was shocked because the same voice returned from the mountain.

Surprisingly he asked – who are you?

The sound came again from the mountains – who are you?

Son shouted – I am your friend!

Voice came – I am your friend!

Not finding anyone in front, the son shouted angrily- You are a coward!

Voice returned – You are a coward!

The son was surprised, he asked his mother – what is happening?

She shouted loudly – you are a champion and a good son!

The voice returned from the mountains – you are a champion and a good son!

He shouted again- We love you very much.

Voice returned – We love you very much.

The child asked again the same thing – what is happening?

Then the mother read him the most important lesson of life and said – son, in general terms people call it Echo but this is actually life. Whatever you get in life, it is what you said or did. Life is only a mirror of our actions.

If we want to expect superiority from our team, then we have to bring superiority in ourselves. If we expect love from others, we have to love others openly. Ultimately, life returns everything we have given.

The child was listening to the mother’s words with great love and she also read the most important lesson in life today.

“The simplest way to win is to help others win.

If you want to win, be friendly to the success of others.

If you want to get love, share the love.

What you give will come back to you manifold. ”

– Dale Carnegie.

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Friends, we are racing in different fields to become successful. But to be successful in any field, it is very important that people like us, because people want to work with whom they like. For this, we give all our time to others or we will kill for them. For this, our behavior should just be good. We do not have to think even once before praising someone or expressing happiness to someone, but think ten times before giving a wrong comment, angry, irritable on something. To argue without necessity, to fall into debates, is very wrong for ourselves and others. So move forward towards your goal, smile, give love, praise and just keep moving forward.

I think that people like to live, So work and share their secrets with the same people who feel a little better with you. If the person in front is happy to spend a good time with you, then you will get the same from him in return. This will also increase your fans and will also help you when needed. So it is very important that you keep your heart big too so that if you ever make a mistake, you can have the courage to accept that mistake, you do not feel hesitation in apologizing and if others, for some reason hurt you. May you dare to forgive them.

Friends, tie these things – (Life’s most important lesson)

1. Whatever you want to achieve in life, So learn to distribute it.

2. Start sharing love, appreciation, respect, happiness, forgiveness, knowledge as much as possible from today. Because You will see how fast the popularity graph will keep moving forward. Because in return, all these will come back to you a thousand times.

3. If no one wants to be with you, someone is misbehaving with you, insulting you, then you cannot dare to impose blame on others because it is the result of your actions. Because the seed you sow will reap the same fruit.

4. You can also attribute failure to your rude behavior. (Life’s most important lesson)

Thank you!

Life's most important lesson                     

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