Motivation Story: Do you have double mind too?

Motivation Story: Do you have double mind too?

This story can be read in many places. Whoever wrote this story is very beautiful. Come let us know what we learn from this inspirational story.

It is a matter of mythological time when a strange kind of bird lived. It is said that his torso was one, but he had two heads. The name of that bird was Bharund. This means that he used to think with two heads. There were two heads, two mouths and two brains. When one mind thought something, the other mind thought the opposite. This means that one thinks of going to the east and the other to the west. Thus he could not go anywhere. This means that if he had raised one leg in the east, then the distance was in the west. Bharund’s life had just become a mental tussle.\

Then when Bharund was roaming on the bank of the river in search of food, he saw a fruit falling down on his head. When he tasted it with a beak, he started cracking his tongue – ‘Wow! I have never eaten such a delicious fruit till date.

The other head said, ‘Okay! Let me taste it a little and see.’ Saying this, he had raised his beak towards that fruit, that the first head jerked the second head away from the fruit and said, ‘Keep your dirty beak away from this fruit. I have found this fruit and I will eat it.’
Hearing this, the other said, ‘What have you talked about! We are both part of the same body. We should eat food and drink only by sharing it.

The first head said, ‘It is true that our body is the same, then our stomach is also the same. If I eat this fruit, it will go in the stomach and your stomach will also be filled. What do you need to eat when your stomach is full? (Motivation Story)

Hearing this, the other head said, ‘Eating does not only mean filling the stomach, taste is also something. Satisfaction comes only from the tongue. The real pleasure of eating is in the taste of the mouth.
On this the first head got angry and said, ‘I have taken the contract for your taste only a little. After eating the fruit, there will be belching from the stomach. That burping will come out of your mouth too. Enjoy that. Now don’t talk too much and let me eat fruits in peace.’ Saying this, the first started eating the fruit with a chuckle. (Motivation Story: Do you have double mind too)

After this house, that other head felt so bad that he decided to take revenge and started looking for opportunity. A few days later, Bharund was again roaming on the bank of the river in search of food when the other head saw a fruit. He had got the opportunity and the second head was about to peck at the fruit when the first head cried out and warned, ‘Hey, hey! Do not eat this fruit. Don’t you know that it is a poisonous fruit? If you eat it, you can even die.
Hearing this, the other head laughed loudly and said, don’t fool me. What do you have to do with what I’m eating? Forgot about that day?’

The first head tried to explain, ‘If you eat this fruit, then both of us will die.’

The other head was ready to take revenge. He said, ‘I have taken the contract for your life and death only a little? I will eat whatever I want, whatever the outcome may be. Now let me eat the poisonous fruit in peace.’ And the other head ate the poisonous fruit. Shortly after eating Bharund died in agony.
Lesson: We get a lot of lessons from this story. The first is that mutual differences lead to drowning and the second is that one should never have a double mind in life. A person of dub mind can never take any decision and keeps on losing in every field.

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