Motivation Tips: 5 Ways to Get Out of Tension and Depression

Motivation Tips: 5 Ways to Get Out of Tension and Depression.

Tension That means stress or anxiety and depression. It has been very much during the epidemic like coronavirus. Crisis arises due to fear and due to crisis, tension and constant tension makes a person go into depression. In such a situation, many times, a person gets sick even after getting sick or starts thinking of committing suicide. This situation causes nervousness in the mind. Here are 5 ways to avoid it.

1. Talk to people of positive thinking:


If you are surrounded by tension and depression, then first of all, get away from social media and talk to someone on your mobile whose thinking is positive and happy to talk to.

2. Listen to Relaxation Music: (Motivation Tips)

You can listen to positive lectures, listen to bhajans or listen to music of relaxation. You can also read about being happy and calm, but listening to soothing music is even better than it is because it calms the fibers of our brain and calms it.

3. Perform these three pranayamas:

Make Chandrabhedi, Suryabhedi and Bhramari Pranayama a part of your daily routine. These can be learned easily. This will eliminate your tension and depression.

4. Yoga Nidra:

In Pranayama, do Bhramari and meditate for five minutes daily. If you wish, take a 20-minute yoga nidra while lying in Shavasan, during which listen to the music with full pleasure and enjoy it. If you do yoga nidra everyday, then it will prove to be a panacea. In this, they feel the movement of the breath and continue to inhale from the stomach or to the stomach.

5. Pray:

You should understand that the more tension or depression life becomes, the harder it will become. To make life easy, trust God and pray to him. Prayer has power. If you study the Gita, your mind will be calm. The Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta shows us the way to solve every area of ​​life and every crisis. We should stay in the shelter of religion in the time of crisis. However, Shri Krishna says that the crisis should not be considered a crisis but a crisis.

Naan chhintanti shastraani nain dahti pavak:. (Motivation Tips)

Neither chain kledayantyapo nor shoshayati Marut 4 (second chapter, verse 23)
That is, neither the soul can cut its weapon, nor the fire can burn it. Neither water can soak it, nor air can dry it. (Here Lord Krishna has spoken of the soul as being immortal and eternal.)

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