Motivation: the world changes you before you change

Motivation: the world changes you before you change


Motivation -Better than good habit and bad than bad habit. You are not necessarily a victim of bad habits and you want to leave them. Good habits can also prove to be harmful or say that any type of habit or addiction is harmful. However, the matter here is becoming more special with habits.

1. A person suffers from excessive food, stress, frustration, depression, hopelessness and negative thoughts due to consumption of tobacco and alcohol. With negative thoughts, everything in life starts being negative. Change the way you like.

2. Lying, keeping people in confusion, people also get used to not being serious about their life, career and family. Such people are living in the same way that the world is keeping them alive.
3. It is said that if you do not change yourself in time, then time will change you and then that change will not suit you. That’s why appreciate time. Do the work of time only.

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4. Scholars say that before the world forces you to change, change yourself the way you want to live. Change as soon as possible, or failure will kiss your footsteps.

5. If you do not value time, family and money, you will be persecuted by the world. You will find yourself compelled everywhere and then you will consider the world wrong and not yourself. Many people like you believe others to be the reason for their failure or grief.

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