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Set a clear goal in your life

Success synonyms : – We do not know how to set a clear goal. If I tell you that you have to take admission in a college, or you have to increase your weight, will it be a clear goal for you. Such thinking can never become your goal. This is just your dream, a clear goal we will call it when you decide that you have to gain 5 kg in 3 months. It will be just your dream until you make a clear goal.

If you want to achieve your dreams, then first of all, you should convert your dreams into goals. When you ask a successful person what his goal is! Then he will immediately reply to you that this is his target right now, and he will complete it before a certain date in 2 years. But the one who does not have any goal, who only dreams, if you ask him then he will say, Hey! Will do anything… In such a situation, the vehicle of his success can never move forward.

Success synonyms : Create SMART GOAL to achieve goals and turn dreams into goals.



S – Specific (clear) – This goal is made only after you decide that you have to finish 3 chapters of physics in 30 days. (This is an example, you can set a clear goal for yourself.)

M- Measurable (which can be measured) – In this goal you have to measure. A correct measurement is the way you can take steps to turn your goal into reality. Like – you have to finish 3 chapters of physics in 30 days. You are measuring 3 chapters so this is your Measurable Goal.

A – Achievable (able to achieve) – Sometimes we also make goals that are impossible, such goals which are challenging and difficult but not impossible. Do not make any goals that you find impossible and are going to disappoint you. Make the goal the way you can achieve it. For example- in 30 days you have to finish 10-10 chapters in physics, chemistry, mathematics and other subjects. You can get frustrated by making such impossible goals and it may not even finish 1 chapter.

R – Realistic – In the initial phase of studies, you cannot finish the chapter of all subjects in 1 day, make goals that you can actually achieve.

T – Time Bound (Time-bound) – Set a time limit. There should be a time limit from the beginning to the end of the work. When you are starting and when you will end it should be clear in your mind. For example, you have to finish 3 chapters from the first date of the month to the last.

The Reason Behind the Goal

You will find many students or people who will say that I have to do this IIT / MBBS / MBA, but when you ask them why it is to be done! Then most people will answer, Papa has said, a lot of my friends are doing, I don’t understand anything, so I thought, this is what I should do. To be honest, such reasons behind the goal are very nonsense and this causes people to quit very quickly. Because you cannot go too far as parents say. When your own mind tells you to do something, you achieve your goal, but when you have pressure on someone, then maybe you quit soon. You can stay in something for a long time only when your mind tells you that yes you really have to do the same.

Success synonyms : Company ( 6 things success steps will kiss)

Your obesity is increasing, you are making a dieting plan, but if you are eating pakoras in your house everyday, you are making delicious dishes to eat more than one, then you will be able to diet like this. You are preparing for IIT but every friend of yours is stuck with Facebook or Whatsapp, can you prepare with them. This means that you need to find groups that want to move ahead by making plans just like you. If we want to be successful, then it is very important that we look at our company. Who we live with means a lot to our success. You can also become good with the association of good people, so choose your company carefully because a good association is necessary for success.

Detailed Actions Plan

Success synonyms : Our biggest mistake or a bad habit is that we make big plans. Meaning, we do not know how to divide the goals into small pieces. If you want to eat a big fish, how will you eat it! You have to cut the fish, you cannot eat it together without slicing it. We have to divide our action plans into separate parts.

In early 2018 I thought that I would publish 11 posts every day on a regular site, maybe that was my goal too, but I could not publish even 1 post instead of 10. Because when we make a big action plan and it is not achievable, then our brain accepts that leave now! And keep avoiding work. Now my goal is to have only 1 post a day. It is also possible to write 10 posts, but a person gets a lot of such works, which divides his entire time. As someone has gone to a wedding, someone’s health has deteriorated in the family… and there can be many reasons that become a hindrance in your big action plan. So it is important that we divide the work into pieces.

We start very well, but there is an obstacle in the middle, then we have to imagine one thing. Just think you are going to the market, the rainy season is the place

The place is full of water on the streets, you have bought new clothes from the clothes shop and you are walking on the road wearing the same clothes. Suddenly your foot slipped and you fell into the ravines on the road, now you are covered in mud. How long would you like to stay in that mud. Obviously, you will get up immediately, come out of there and be fresh and ready to wear other clothes. The same we have to do like this, we will have to get involved in that work quickly, if we keep avoiding it, it will never be completed. Always remember that no matter what happens, we do not have to quit. Do not think that it was too long gap, and you could not do it .. just see how you will recover it now.

Believe it (Success synonyms)

Many times when we are working hard to be successful, then many times there are such thoughts in mind that whether we will be successful in what we are doing or not! Many people are preparing for big exams, even after a lot of hard work,

there is a doubt in their mind whether they will be successful or not! It is natural to have such a thought because our mind thinks such things, it keeps finding many such ways to panic. At that time we have to trust ourselves, trust our God, we have to awaken our inner faith. Your hard work will definitely yield results. When you are on the journey of success, many negative thoughts keep coming to mind, but when you have been working hard for a long time, then you have to believe in yourself, trust yourself, because your hard work is ever Won’t go waste ..

 6 things success steps will kiss   6 things success steps will kiss 6 things success steps will kiss     6 things success steps will kiss               

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