What is behavior? Motivation Tips

Behavior is the main purpose of our life. The behavior of someone whose behavior is not good is also not right. Yes, it is that whose this is right, his behavior will also be good because both these things are done by the mind itself. An impure mind cannot handle nor behave. As long as Rajoguni and tapoguni streaks in the mind, the behavior cannot be true.

Be optimistic and guide others


Therefore, make the first mind clean. Mind is formed through Satsang or God Bhajan. By putting the mind towards the feet of God, it starts to have a lot of truth in it because the nature of God is true. When we worship eternal truth, the truth will be seen.

Till we do not reach the truth, our intellect cannot even decide the truth-untruth and we cannot purify our behavior without taking a decision.

Define behavioral health

Behavioral health is an scientific study of the emotions, behaviors & biology , Thinking , about their Goals and relating to a person’s mental well-being, His ability to function in every day life and their concept of self. In Other Words We will also say that the behavioral health is the connection between behaviors & health and well-being of the body, mindset and spirit.

What is Behavior?

Everything we do in the world is behavior. Whatever you do, it will come to the fore. This world is a mirror, it will look the same as you make a face. We want to treat others well, but before that, we must see how we treat others.

If your behavior is good with others, then surely people will like you from the heart, and if your behavior is showy, then you will get showy behavior of others too, which will be of little and no use. It is also seen in daily practice that my desire to give more than what I give is for him.

Forget this idea so much that I can subdue another by artificial behavior. Each one’s mind is such an instrument that immediately everything tells. If human beings understand, it doesn’t matter, birds and animals also know everything.

It has been observed that even wild predatory animals do not fear sages and virtuous humans. It is also seen that the wolves took away a small child and they raised him, later the people snatched away from them and brought them to their homes.

Birds eat pimple sitting on hands. This is nothing but our love for them. There is an attraction in love, that is why people who are treated with love go on pulling towards them. This happens not by doing, but by itself.


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The man should not be on one side. He should also be skilled in the behavior of the world and at the same time maintain his strong relationship with God. First people see the behavior of human beings.

If your behavior is good then people will come to you, love you. If it is bitter then no one will come close, no matter how good a Mahatma you are. The Mahatma who sees others with bad eyesight or hatred is really lacking now, the Mahatma should have humility and a sense of service. Kindness is the form of calm.

A person who has these qualities has the right to be called Mahatma. No worries if you have to suppress the behavior.

Tolerate with happiness is a sign of seriousness. Pride makes behavior slippery, if you desire charity, make behavior pure. Things that are lacking in themselves should be accepted in the Dusro Societ.

What is and How to do Cognitive Behavior Therapy ?

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What are the treatment guidelines?

Reviews the treatment guidelines of eight different cognitive-behavioral treatments (CBT) for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): exposure therapy (EX), systematic desensitization, stress inoculation training, cognitive processing therapy, cognitive therapy, assertiveness training, biofeedback and relaxation training, as well as combination approaches. EX was found to be the most efficacious in treating PTSD patients. CBT techniques are generally very short-term, averaging approximately 8–12 sessions, meeting once or twice weekly. Recommendations and limitations for each of the treatments are examined. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2021 APA, all rights reserved).

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