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What is the law of karma -Hello friends, you must have read the Gita at some time or the other. But if you have not read the Gita, then I want to urge you to read the Gita once in your life, because you will find the solution to every problem that comes in the life of a human being in Sri Mad Bhagavad Gita.

So now Today we will tell you about a principle mentioned in the Shri Mad Bhagavad Gita itself. Whose name is Law of Karma, in this we will know what this rule says?

What is the law of karma?


Law of Karma – Friends, the simplest and simplest meaning of this rule is that you will get it the way you do. We can also understand this through some examples. So let us know the law of karma with some examples.
1: Example – Once there were two friends and they used to go or study in school. Because There was always competition between those two friends to get good marks in the exam.
Like all times, both this time also wanted to get good marks in the exam. But when the result of the examination came, one student got very good marks but the other student got fewer marks than that.

Now, this happened here because a student used to prepare for his whole subject depending on his karma, he knew that the more I study, the better my marks will come.

But another friend never used to think that he used to study for some time and then used to sit in trust of God that only God will do that.

This was the reason that one of the friends got good marks and the other got fewer marks than the other.

Friends, I want to tell you one thing that God will not support you till you follow the law of your karma.

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2: Example – When you feel hungry then you eat food and after that, your hunger disappears.

When you feel hungry then you have to do karma for it, then your hunger is calmed only by going and eating food. As soon as you complete this karma, then your hunger is relaxed.

Now here you did the work of eating food to eradicate your hunger, then you got rid of hunger as a result of it.

The law of karma explains to us that we get results as we do.

3: Example – If you kill someone you may be jailed or hanged.

4: Example – If you help a person who wants a path, then he can give you some gift or you can bless him.

Friends, we have seen 4 examples here in which we have seen that the person who acted as he did, also got the same result.

So Now you must have known that we get results according to the actions we do. If you do something wrong, then you also get results wrong and if you do something good then the result will also be good.

Friends, we now talk about what was the situation that led to the creation of this rule.

How and when the law of karma was created.

Friends, So this rule was first described by Shri Krishna in Mahabharata 5000 years ago. It was Shri Krishna who told us that whatever action a person does, So he gets the fruits according to that and we call this law as Law of Karma.

But now let’s talk about what was the situation when Shri Krishna said. Let’s know –

When all the people had come to Kurukshetra to fight with the Pandavas during the war, Arjuna, seeing his people in front of the war, refused to do battle. would benefit.

If I win this war, I will lose it and if I lose this war, I will lose it and if I lose both sides – then why should I do this war?

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So After this, Shri Krishna explained to Arjuna that O Partha – this war is the result of all the wrongs which Duryodhana has committed iniquity with you. Because He has to suffer as a human being does.

And this war is standing in front of you today as karma. Because This war is the work done by you today and you cannot run away from it. If you do not fight this war today, it will have terrible consequences in the future. Today, this war is very important for you as well as the entire Bharat dynasty. If you fight this war today, then religion will also be established in the whole of India.

Whatever a man does, he has to suffer, therefore, O Parth, if you do this war, otherwise all mankind will have to suffer misdeeds because of you.

Conclusion – You can do whatever you want to do in life, but you should never forget that what you are doing today builds your future. If you do well today, then the future will also be good for you. If you do something wrong, it will be wrong with you in the future also.

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