Cow mother is always revered. Know more widely.

Strict writings have stated “Gavo Vishvasya Matar:” which means a cow is the mother of the world. The word mother has its starting point from the mouth of Cow mother Saying the word mother in human culture is likewise gained from the cow. When Gau Vatsa is rambhata, the word mother is resounding. In old writings.

  introduction Cow mother


the significance of cows like Surabhi (close to Indra), Kamadhenu (one of the 14 pearls of the ocean agitating), Padma, Kapila, and so on has been told. Rishabh Devji, the first Tirthankara of Jainism, showed people by taking Asi, Masi, and horticulture with the bovine tradition. Cow’s milk is food where protein, starches, milk, sugars, mineral salts, fats, and so forth are seen as wealthy in supplements of the human body. Our entire life depends on a dairy animal’s mother.

Importance of cow mother

Cow mother
cow mother

Because the way the peepal tree and the basil plant release oxygen. Similarly, if a small spoonful of desi cow’s ghee is poured on the burning condense, one ton of oxygen is produced. Therefore, in our Yajna Havan Agni-Hom, cow’s ghee is used. There is no better way to remove pollution than this. A brief description of the importance of cow mother is as follows –

Convictions and convictions for Gau Mata-It are said that the person who holds the residue from the hooves of the Gomata on his head, cleans up in the waters of the altar. Milk is additionally significant for goat, sheep, camel, bison milk. In any case, just in Panchmrit, dairy animals’ milk, ghee, bovine pee, curd are viewed as best. What’s more, as Ganga water, it is viewed as hallowed

The hope of success in work

The negligible sight of the hooves of the back legs of a dairy animal helps unexpected passing. Having a bovine’s respect benefits the way of thinking of Burn Dham in light of the fact that the legs and feet of the dairy animals are accepted and perceived as Singe Dham. At the point when we are leaving some significant assignment and before it, it is promising for the mother to have darshan. It is accepted that accomplishment in work is normal.

At the point when the kids are seen, the eyes are spurned by the cleaning of the bovine’s mom’s tail, a case of this is likewise found in the sacred writings, when Master Krishna was seen with the cow’s tail when he was located in Pootna salvation. Gau-in is wonderfully depicted in the Atharvaveda, Charaksahinta, Rajatipatu, Baan Bhatt, Amrit Sagar, Bhava Sagar, Sushruta Samhita in the Breeze writings. Dark bovine milk is best for Tridosh. Russian researcher Shirovich said that dairy animals’ milk has the most elevated capacity to shield it from radio radiation.

At present cow mother

Indeed, even today, dairy animals’ bread is eaten in numerous homes. In numerous spots, establishments are accomplishing puja work by making gaushalas. Likewise, the development to close down the mechanical slaughterhouses, firmly contradicting the meat send out approach, which is a commendable work. Uttar Pradesh Boss Pastor Fair Yogiji is additionally pleased. The current government is likewise focusing on the cowsheds. Baba Ramdev Ji is a lot of mindful and spurring for dairy animal administration.

Focuses to note –

Cow mother

At present, a few people keep until the bovine gives milk. From that point onward, they leave Gomata. Which is an inappropriate arrangement? Since in all actuality, it is the hour of Gausseva that gets restored. Cow raising in each house. We ought to do it. Our predecessors and extraordinary men used to forfeit their lives for insurance. In which Veer Gogaji’s name is taken with extraordinary regard. Essentially, during the Mahabharata time frame, the extraordinary war was battled for dairy animal insurance, in which Kunti’s child Arjuna without any help crushed the warriors who were the undefeated warriors of the time, as Bhishma Pitamah, Master Dronacharya, and so on.

Once Vivekananda was asked which creature is the best milk? At that point, he said of the wild on this point, he was informed that cow is celebrated in your nation. At that point, Vivekananda said that you have gotten some information about the milk of the creature, so it is said that bison is among creatures. The cow isn’t a creature, the cow is the mother. Also, cow’s milk is nectar.

findings- In this way, the magnificence of the cow mother is to be celebrated. We ought not to consider Gausseva as our work however our religion. Simultaneously, we ought to give a specific bit of our salary (as indicated by quality and regard) to Gausseva. Furthermore, individuals ought to likewise be roused. Gifts made in Gausseva are consistently helpful and increment our salary subjectively. Jai Gau Mata

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This article argues that gaushalas, or cow shelters, in India are mobilized as sites of Hindutva or Hindu ultranationalism, where it is a “vulnerable” Hindu Indian nation—or the “Hindu mother cow” as Mother India—who needs “sanctuary” from predatory Muslim males. Gaushalas are rendered spaces of (re)production of cows as political, religious, and economic capital, and sustained by the combined and compatible narratives of “anthropatriarchy” and Hindu patriarchy. Anthropatriarchy is framed as the human enactment of gendered oppressions upon animal bodies, and is crucial to sustaining all animal agriculture. Hindu patriarchy refers to the instrumentalization of female and feminized bodies (women, cows, “Mother India”) as “mothers” and cultural guardians of a “pure” Hindu civilization. Both patriarchies commodify bovine motherhood and breastmilk. which this article frames as a feminist issue. Through empirical research, this article demonstrates that gaushalas generally function as spaces of exploitation, incarceration, and gendered violence for the animals. The article broadens posthumanist feminist theory to illustrate how bovine bodies, akin to women’s bodies, are mobilized as productive, reproductive, and symbolic capital to advance Hindu extremism and ultranationalism. It subjectifies animal bodies as landscapes of nation-making using ecofeminism and its subfield of vegan feminism.

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