Durga Saptashati – Chapter Eleventh

Jai Maa Durga Teri Sadha Hi Jai Ho

(Gods praise Goddess and Goddess blessing Gods)


How goddess Durga killed Shumbha in chapter tenMaharishi Medha says – After killing the demon, the god of Indradi put forth the fire and started praising Katyayani Devi, at that time his face was in bloom due to the attainment of the desired. The Gods said – O Goddess (Durga) who removes the sufferings of the refugees! You are happy, O mother of the whole world! You are happy. Vindhyeshwari! You protect the world because you are the God of this variable and constant. O, Goddess! You should be the basis of the whole world because you are also situated in the form of the earth and you are a goddess with great power, you are the power of Vishnu and the seed of the world is the supreme mother and you have fascinated this whole world. This earth attains salvation only when you are happy.

O, Goddess! Entire disciplines are different forms of yours. All the women in this world are your idols. You are the only one who has spread this world. How can you be praised because you are the most enlightened form and the whole life is heaven and liberator? Therefore, you have been praised in this form. What can be more than these tips for your praise, O Narayani Devi, who resides in the heart of all the people, living wisely, providing heaven and salvation! Hello to you Narayani, who leads the transformation of states from Kalakastha etc. to the transformation and end of beings, is hello to you.

Hey Narayani! The man group of the entire world! O Shiva, the O perfecter of all purposes! O Sharanagatavatsala, Three-eyed Gauri! Greetings to you, Shaktibhuta of the world, status and destruction, Sanatani Devi is the basis of virtues and all happiness and happiness Narayani is hello to you! O refugees who have come to the shelter, ready to protect the afflicted, O Narayani, who will defeat all the sufferings! Hello to you Hey Narayani! Taking the form of a cosmic, you sit on a plane connecting with swans and sprinkling water that is cursed with Kush, Namaskar to you, Maheshwari, holding the trident, moon, and snakes, O Narayani, the great Taurus vehicle! Hello to you

Surrounded by peacocks and poultry, wearing a superpower is a virgin form! Godless Narayani! Hello to you O Shankha, Chakra, Gad, and Strong Dhanush in the form of Sagittarius, Vaishnavi Shakti Rupa Narayani! You cheer on us, hello to you. O Varaha Rupini Kalyanamayi Narayani holding the earth on the teeth! Hello to you O fierce Narasimha who killed the demons, Narayani, who is engaged in protecting Tribhuvan! Hello to you O Krit on the forehead and the one holding the Mahavajra in the hand, the bright one due to the thousand eyes, the power of defeat of life of Vritrasura, O Narayani! Greetings to you, O Lord Shiva, who destroys the great lord of demons, O ghastly one! Hey sir! Hey Narayani! Hello to you.


Mundamardini Chamundarupa Narayani, adorned with Mundmala, having a deformed face due to beards! Hello to you O Lakshmi, Lajja, Mahavidya, Shraddha, Affirmation, Swadha, Dhruva, Maharastra, and Mahavidyarupa Narayani! Hello to you O Medha, Saraswati, the best, Aishwarya Rupini, Parvati, Mahakali, Niyanta, and Ishroopini Narayani! Hello to you O Sarvesvari, omnipotent Goddess! Protect us from fear, hello to you. Hey Katyayani! May this gentleman who is fed with all three eyes protect us from all kinds of fears humbles you. Hey Bhadrakali! Your trident, which like fiery, fierce, extreme, and destroying all the asuras, protect us from fear, is a greeting to you. O, Goddess! He who destroys the glory of the demons by fulfilling this world with his word, may your hour protect us as if the mother is the protector of her sons. Hey Chandike! That which is your sword, which is known by the blood and fat of Asuras, should kill us! We greet you

O, Goddess(Durga)! When you are happy, you destroy all diseases and when you are angry, you destroy all the desires you desire and people who go to your shelter will never be affected. Rather, human beings who have taken shelter in you are able to give shelter to others. You have killed these seditious asuras by wearing many types of idols in many ways, who could do that except you? Chaturdashi Vidyas, hetasastra and the four Vedas are illuminated by your own light, you have a description of them and where there are demons, poisonous snake enemies, and in the midst of the sea, you stay together and protect this world.

Hey Vishweshwari! You are a Vishwaroopa who follows the world, so you wear the whole world. That is why Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh should also be worshiped. Those who greet you devoutly, they become the shelter of the world. O, Goddess(Durga)! You should be happy and always protect us from our enemies just as you have protected us by killing demons. Destroy the sins of the entire world, and remove the big fights like sins and epidemics that result from them. Goddess (Durga)who defeats the suffering of the world! Rejoice in those who are in the asylum. Worship God of Trilok, give us a boon.

Goddess(Durga) said – O gods! I am ready to give you a groom. I wish you were what I want.

Gee The Gods said – O Sarveshwari! You keep beating all the sufferings of the residents of Triloki and destroy our enemies in this way. Devi said – In the twenty-eighth era of Vaivaswat Manvantara, two more Maha Asuras Shumbha and Nishumbha will arise. At that time, I will rise from the womb of Yashoda from the house of Nand Gopa and kill Shumbha and Nishumbha on Mount Vindhyachal, then I will destroy the demons called Vaiprachiti, very fiercely. While eating those terrible Asuras, my teeth will be red like a pomegranate flower, after this, the Gods in heaven and the humans on earth will call me as blood donors. When there will be no rain for a hundred years, I will name Ionij when I praise the sages. I will appear and look at the sages with my hundred eyes.

important or insignificant

Therefore, humans will perform my Kirtan by the name of Shatakshi. At the same time, I will follow all the lives by the shakhas who protect the life born from my body, and then I will become famous on this earth in the name of Shakambhari and in this incarnation I will kill the Maha Asura named Durg and from this, I will be in the name of Durga Devi. Will become famous with After this, when I will protect my sages living in the Himalayas by taking a terrible form, then I will be famous in the name of Bhima Devi and when the demon named Arun will suffer all the three worlds, then I take the form of innumerable illusory and kill that great monster. Then I will call me by the name of Bhramari, praising me, the deity in heaven, and the people in death. In this way, whenever the earth is afflicted with demons, then I will descend and destroy the enemies.

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