Durga Saptashati- Chapter Tenth

(Sumb slaughter)

Jai maa Durga Teri Sadha hi Jai ho


How did mother Durga kill the ninth chapter NishumbhMaharishi Medha said – O Rajan! Seeing his beloved brother dead and the army destroyed, in a fit of rage, the demon king started saying – Wicked Durga! Do not be proud of arrogance because you are fighting on the strength of others. Goddess (Durga) said – O wicked! See, I am alone. Who else is there in this world except me? These are all my powers. See, all of these are entering me. After this, all the goddesses such as Brahmani got absorbed in the body of that goddess, and the goddess was left alone, then the goddess said – I was present here in many forms with my divine power. I have covered all those forms, now I am standing here alone, you too stay here. Maharishi Medha said – Then, in the view of gods and demons, there was a fierce war in the Goddess and Shumbha. Ambika Devi left hundreds of weapons, and on the other hand, the demon king also started the attack of terrible weapons. Hundreds of weapons left by the goddess were cut by the monster by their weapons, similarly, the weapons which Shumbha left them were cut by the goddess with her fierce cry.

When the monster left hundreds of arrows and covered the goddess, in a fit of rage, the goddess destroyed her bow with her arrows. When the bow was cut, Daityendra wielded power, but the goddess also cut it and threw it. Then, the goddess ran towards the goddess with a shining shield, but when she reached near the goddess (Durga), the goddess also cut her shining shield from her sharp arms. The horse of Daityendra died, the chariot was broken, the charioteer was killed, then he went to attack the goddess with a fierce issue, but the goddess with her sharp arrows He also cut Mudgal. On this, the monster furiously punched the goddess  (Durga)with a big punch in the chest, when the monster punched the goddess, the goddess also slapped him vigorously in the chest, before slapping the monster fell on the earth but immediately He stood up, then he caught the goddess and leaped towards the sky and started going to war between the two, he was going to surprise the war sages and gods.

The goddess kept fighting with the monster in the sky for a long time, then the goddess rolled it into the sky and dropped it on the earth. The evil demon rose up again and ran to kill the goddess, then seeing her coming towards her, the goddess dislodged her chest and slammed her on the earth. When the goddess was injured by the trident, the monster’s soul flew away and when he died, the sea, islands, mountains, and earth all started shivering. Subsequently, the whole world became happy and healthy after the demon’s death and the sky became pure. The clouds and meteor showers that were there earlier were all peaceful. When he was killed, the rivers started flowing through their right path. The hearts of all the gods were filled with joy and the Gandharvas started singing beautiful songs. Gandharva started playing instruments and the nymphs danced, the holy wind started blowing, the radiance of the sun became clean, the extinguished fire of yagyashalas automatically ignited, and peace spread in all four directions.

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