Durga Saptashati Third Chapter

                 Durga Saptashati Third Chapter


(Slaughter of Mahishasura including generals)

 Durga Saptashati Third Chapter

In the second chapter of Durga Saptasati, the goddess destroyed Mahishasura’s ally Datto and the army along with most of the Maharishi. Maharishi Medha said-Seeing that the military of Mahishasura was devastated, the administrator of that military went ahead to fight with the goddess Durga filled out of resentment. He began showering bolts at the goddess along these lines as though the Sumeru mountain was coming down water. Along these lines, the goddess with her bolts cut down and slaughtered his ponies and charioteer, just as chopping down his bow and his extremely high banner. After his bow was cut, his body parts were additionally tied with his bolts.

After the bow, pony, and charioteer were obliterated, he went to the goddess with the Asura shield and blade, he hit the leader of the goddess’ lion with his sharp-edged blade and hit the goddess’ left arm with extraordinary speed however the goddess’ The beast’s sword penniless into two pieces when it contacted the left arm. Because of this, the beast took the shool in his grasp out of frustration and tossed it towards Bhadrakali Devi. Going to the goddess, that Colum consumed like a sun tumbling from the sky. Seeing that shul coming towards him, the Goddess likewise left the shul and cut a hundred rulers of Maha Asura and furthermore vanquished Maha Asura’s life, riding on an evil spirit elephant named Chamar, who laments the divine beings when Chikhur bites the dust. He came to battle with the Goddess and as he came, hit him with power, yet the Goddess broke him with his hunk and put him on the earth.

Seeing the force broken, the beast turned red with outrage and drove the shul, yet the goddess additionally cut it. Meanwhile, the lion of the goddess bounced and rode on the elephant’s head and begun an extraordinary fight with the beast, at that point them two fell on the elephant battling the earth and both battling with incredible fierceness, the lion then jumped towards the sky and when he came towards the earth, he cut off the head of Chamar with his hooks, the goddess loaded up with outrage additionally made him ascend from wounds of rock and tree, and so forth. Murdered. Powdered Karal with teeth, punches, and slaps.

 Durga Saptashati Third Chapter

Goaded, the goddess slaughtered the crushed evil spirit with a mace, executed Vandakala from Bhindipal, murdered Tamra and Andhak with bolts, and the three-looked at Goddess slaughtered the devils named Ugrassya, Ugravirya and Mahahanu from the trident. He employs with his blade executed the devil named and with his bolts carried the insidious and wickedness evil spirits to Yamaoka. Hence when Mahishasura saw that the Goddess had demolished my military, he appeared as a wild ox and began griefing the Goddesses.

A portion of those counters hit him with blows, some with feet, some with tails, some with horns, numerous with running pace, numerous with lions, others by spinning, and some with breathing blasts. Dropped to the earth. The beast hence ran down the military of the Ganas to murder the lion of Devi. The goddess was exceptionally irate at this. Then again, the beast likewise loaded up with fury and burrowing the earth with hoovesFelt and removed the mountains with horns and began tossing them on the earth and began articulating words. Because of the speed of Mahishasura, the earth started to detonate with anguish, crashed into its tail, the ocean started to spread all around, because of the stun of the moving horns, the mists began to break and mountains burst in the sky with a breath. Along these lines, Chandika blew up subsequent to seeing the evil presence who was loaded up with outrage and she was loaded up with outrage to execute him.

The goddess tossed the circle and tied the beast and when she was bound, she surrendered the type of the beast and appeared as a lion, and when the goddess was prepared to remove her head that she appeared as a man, grasping a blade Was. The goddess promptly tied the man with her blade shield with his bolts, after which he showed up as an elephant and his long trunkDevi’s lion began to drag and thunder. The goddess cut her trunk with her blade, at that point the evil spirit indeed appeared as a wild ox and started to upset all the set of three, including the scorched animals as in the past, after which the goddess loaded up with rage, over and over, made the best nectar. She began doing it and began snickering with red eyes.

Then again, the beast angered by Balveeriya, and the thing likewise began roaring, tossing mountains on the goddess with its horns. The goddess, while powdering her tossed mountains with her lips, stated, O fool! For whatever length of time that I am drinking nectar, at that point you should roar and from that point forward, the divine beings will thunder when you pass on at my hands. Maharishi Medha said – Saying this, the goddess Durga bounced and jumped on the beast and the squeezing with her foot, the prick struck her throat, considerably in the wake of being squeezed by Devi’s leg, the beast began coming out of her face in its other structure. Since half had come out, the goddess halted him with his impact when the half-devil began battling the goddess  Durga cut her head with her blade.

After this, the entire evil spirit armed force fled from that point reciting and all the divine beings were exceptionally upbeat and the sages began lauding the Goddess alongside the Maharishi, singing Gandharvaraj and moving the Apsaras.           click-here –   Durga Saptashati – Second  Chapter


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