India Unemployment Rate 2023 Check Complete State Wise List (March 2022 To February 2023), India Vs World

India Unemployment Rate – The most recent data on India’s joblessness has been provided by the Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy. According to the most recent CMIE analysis, unemployment has increased over the past month. India’s unemployment rate was found to be 7.45 percent in February 2023. This is a significant increase in the India Unemployment Rate in 2023, as it was 7.14 percent in January 2023. As a result, India’s youth unemployment rate has risen significantly.

In addition, it has been reported that Haryana has the highest unemployment rate in India, at 29.4%, while Chhattisgarh has the lowest, at 0.8 percent. The India unemployment rate for 2023 is broken down state by state and month by month on the official website of the CMIE. The official website provides information on the state’s unemployment rate.

India Unemployment Rate 2023


The CMIE has released the India Unemployment Rate 2023 for the month of February 2023. It is accessible to everyone from the CMIE’s homepage. The data are released weekly and monthly following an analysis of unemployment in each state. The Indian government is able to come up with a variety of solutions to the issue of unemployment thanks to these data. The Central and State governments frequently introduce new policies to increase employment throughout the nation.

In India, the desire of many young people to earn money without working is the primary factor contributing to unemployment. They generally engage in illegal activities when they are looking for simple ways to earn money. In addition, due to its benefits, almost everyone in their 20s is attempting to prepare for jobs in the State and Central Government. As a result, there is a lot of competition for these positions in the hiring process, but there are not enough openings. As a result, the majority of kids walk away empty-handed.

Highest Unemployment Rate of India The employment rate has increased since January 2022, reaching a record high of 37.1% in December 2022. According to the most recent CMIE Report, the unemployment rate increased in December 2022 by 28.5 percent in Rajasthan, 20.8 percent in Delhi, and 37.5 percent in Haryana.

India Unemployment Rate 2023 Details

Name India
Government Government of India
Year 2023
Conducting Body Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
President Droupadi Murmu
States 28
India Unemployment Rate 2023 January 7.14
India Unemployment Rate 2023 February 7.45
India Unemployment Rate 2023 December 2022 8.30
Article Category News
Official Website

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Highest Unemployment Rate of India

The employment rate has increased since January 2022, reaching a record high of 37.1% in December 2022. According to the most recent CMIE Report, the unemployment rate increased in December 2022 by 28.5 percent in Rajasthan, 20.8 percent in Delhi, and 37.5 percent in Haryana.

India Unemployment Rate 2023 Month Wise List

The Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE) provides access to the India Unemployment Rate 2023 Month-Wide List on its website. The table below also contains this list, which is available for the past year.

Month Unemployment Rate (%)
India Urban Rural
Feb 2023 7.45 7.93 7.23
Jan 2023 7.14 8.55 6.48
Dec 2022 8.30 10.09 7.44
Nov 2022 8.03 8.92 7.61
Oct 2022 7.92 7.34 8.19
Sep 2022 6.43 7.71 5.83
Aug 2022 8.28 9.57 7.68
Jul 2022 6.83 8.22 6.17
Jun 2022 7.83 7.32 8.07
May 2022 7.14 8.24 6.63
Apr 2022 7.83 9.22 7.18
Mar 2022 7.57 8.28 7.24

India Unemployment Rate 2023 State Wise List

The CMIE’s website also contains the India Unemployment Rate 2023 State-Wide List. After carefully analyzing the state’s monthly unemployment rate, this list was created. The state-by-state list is also available in the table below.

State Unemployment Rate (in%) in February 2023
Andhra Pradesh 6.6%
Assam 8.6%
Bihar 12.3%
Chhattisgarh 0.8%
Delhi 8.6%
Goa 11.1%
Gujarat 2.5%
Haryana 29.4%
Himachal Pradesh 13.9%
Jammu & Kashmir 17.1%
Jharkhand 16.8%
Karnataka 2.5%
Kerala 5.6%
Madhya Pradesh 2.0%
Maharashtra 5.6%
Meghalaya 4.1%
Odisha 2.1%
Puducherry 2.2%
Punjab 8.2%
Rajasthan 28.3%
Sikkim 21.0%
Tamil Nadu 3.0%
Telangana 5.8%
Tripura 11.7%
Uttar Pradesh 4.0%
Uttarakhand 2.3%
West Bengal 4.4%

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Unemployment Rate 2023 (07 To 30 March)

Date Unemployment Rate – 30 day moving average (%)
India Urban Rural
30 Mar 2023 7.70 8.40 7.37
29 Mar 2023 7.71 8.46 7.36
28 Mar 2023 7.86 8.87 7.39
27 Mar 2023 7.73 8.50 7.38
26 Mar 2023 7.72 8.58 7.31
25 Mar 2023 7.71 8.39 7.39
24 Mar 2023 7.67 8.30 7.38
23 Mar 2023 7.70 8.34 7.40
22 Mar 2023 7.64 8.29 7.33
21 Mar 2023 7.61 8.35 7.26
20 Mar 2023 7.43 8.22 7.05
19 Mar 2023 7.45 8.26 7.07
18 Mar 2023 7.33 8.26 6.88
17 Mar 2023 7.27 8.16 6.84
16 Mar 2023 7.36 8.07 7.02
15 Mar 2023 7.50 8.04 7.24
14 Mar 2023 7.48 8.01 7.23
13 Mar 2023 7.53 8.04 7.28
12 Mar 2023 7.58 8.04 7.36
11 Mar 2023 7.53 7.95 7.34
10 Mar 2023 7.56 7.88 7.41
09 Mar 2023 7.60 7.81 7.51
08 Mar 2023 7.64 7.90 7.51
07 Mar 2023 7.73 7.85 7.67

India Unemployment Rate 2023 Challenges

There are many challenges which the government of India has to face in order to provide employment to the youth. These challenges prevent government policies from reaching every person in the country. Some of the main India Unemployment Rate 2023 Challenges are mentioned below.

Theoretical Education

While the majority of Indian educational establishments place a high value on theoretical knowledge, they do not place the same emphasis on practical skills. Candidates with this kind of education are unable to effectively perform practical tasks.

Lack Of Alternative Jobs For Workers In The Agriculture Sector

Numerous agricultural workers are unable to find alternative employment. They are mostly unemployed for the remainder of the year because they can only work for a short time.

Increasing Population

One of the main factors contributing to India’s unemployment rate is the country’s recent population growth. As a result, there are more people in their 20s and 30s than ever before, but not enough jobs are available for everyone.

Improper Attitude

Many young people are only interested in finding work and are not interested in starting their own businesses. The government is having a hard time finding jobs for everyone because of this.

Increasing Inflation

Product demand is also declining as the country’s inflation rate rises. The country’s unemployment rate rises as a result.

Unemployment Rate In India VS World

India is not the only nation struggling with unemployment. Additionally, numerous nations are attempting to address the issue of unemployment. Some of the nations with unemployment rates comparable to India are listed below.

Country Unemployment Rate (in %)
Nigeria 9.79%
Angola 8.53%
Egypt 9.33%
Honduras 8.51%
Bolivia 8.51%
Uzbekistan 7.16%
Mongolia 7.08%
Nicaragua 5.96%
India 5.98%
El Salvador 5.94%
Sri Lanka 5.40%
Bangladesh 5.23%
Kenya 5.74%
Ghana 4.70%
Pakistan 4.35%
Indonesia 4.41%
Bhutan 4.33%
Vietnam 2.17%
Lao PDR 1.26%
Philippines 2.41%
Myanmar 2.17%
Papua New Guinea 2.75%
Cambodia 0.61%
Solomon Islands 1.03%

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Unemployment In India Causes

In each country, there are various reasons that add to joblessness. Whether unemployment is temporary or permanent depends on whether it is caused by a decline in the labor force or a lack of jobs.

In India, four distinct types of unemployment are the primary causes of unemployment. These four classes of joblessness incorporate primary, frictional, occasional, and repeating. By increasing public spending during difficult times, we can combat seasonal and cyclical unemployment through expansionary monetary policy.

A Few Main Causes Of Unemployment Are

To ensure job stability, the government has two options: either it can provide temporary labor to unemployed people as part of the food-for-work program or it can establish a public employment program that provides full-time employment at minimum wage levels. The cyclical type of unemployment will be reduced by stabilizing market forces and reducing the tendency toward structural changes or the necessity to fire employees due to a lack of market demand.

  • A sizable population
  • a lack of vocational skills or low educational attainment among the working population.
  • industries that require a lot of labor are seeing a drop in private investment, especially after demonetization.
  • The lack of alternatives for agricultural employees and the low productivity of the agriculture sector make it difficult to switch between the three sectors.
  • Lawful challenges, lacking government backing, and powerless market, monetary, and framework binds to little firms render those tasks unbeneficial because of the expense and consistence overwhelms.
  • Opportunities for India Unemployment Rate 2023 in the secondary sector are constrained by inadequate infrastructure development and low manufacturing investments.

Unemployment Rate in India Year Wise

India’s annual unemployment rate ranged from an all-time high of 23.50% in April 2020 to a record low of 6.40% in September 2022, with an average of 8.22% in between. Underneath we have given the joblessness rate in India year wise.

  • In 2021, the unemployment rate in India was 5.98 percent, a decrease of 2.02% from the previous year.
  • In 2020, the unemployment rate in India was 8.0%, an increase of 2.73 percent from the previous year.
  • India’s 2019 unemployment rate was 5.27 percent, a 0.06 percent decrease from 2018.
  • In 2018, India’s joblessness rate dropped by 0.03% from the earlier year to 5.33%

India Unemployment Rate 2023 FAQ’S

What will be India's unemployment rate in 2024?

Our econometric models predict that the India Unemployment Rate will eventually hover around 7.50% in 2024.

What will India's unemployment rate be in 2025?

101.10 million male workers were employed in the industry sector in 2019. In 2019, 358.00 million Indians between the ages of 25 and 54 worked. In this nation, the unemployment rate will be 6.2% in 2025.

Which state in India will have the highest unemployment rate in 2023?

Haryana has the highest unemployment rate in India. As of the previous month, the unemployment rate in Haryana was 37.38 percent. The top five regions include the NCT of Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, and Jharkhand.

Which Indian state has the lowest unemployment rate?

Odisha has the lowest unemployment rate in India, while Haryana has the highest rate. In India, The Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE) reports that India’s unemployment rate reached 8.30 percent in December 2022, the highest level in 16 months.

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