Medicine of corona is in your body, know how?

The Medicine of the corona is in your body


Dear friends The Medicine of corona
Because No medicine for coronavirus has been produced yet. So Those who have recovered from corona are cured only by their immunity (the body’s strength to fight diseases). Many people have such a belief that this disease has to happen once, whose immunity will be good, it will survive and the one who is not good will not survive. Because This means that the immunity of our body is the medicine of cancer. So we should focus all our attention on increasing your immunity if you want to beat this epidemic. So we need to learn a lot about what increases immunity and what reduces immunity.

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When dealing with corona, let’s first focus on things that increase immunity.

1. Yoga
2. Exercise or any sport
3. Must use pure homemade food and turmeric-cumin-coriander-garlic in cooking.
4. Amla (eat any form)
5. Fruit (especially citrus)
6. Green Vegetables
7. Pulses
8. Jaggery
9. Pure oil none (not refined at all)
10. Basil, Soth, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Long, and other Ayurvedic beverages.
11. Milk, curd, lassi, ghee, etc.

So Things that reduce the immunity of the body, avoid them

1. Do not eat all-purpose flour (most perishable substance, in any form likewise bread, naan, bhature, burger, pizza, jalebi, samosa, kachori, pav (pav bhaji wala), etc.).
2. Do not eat refined oil at all.
3. Do not eat sugar at all. (Eat jaggery, sugar, molasses.)
4. Even so Do not eat any junk food outside.
5. Do not eat anything made of fine flour and sugar such as burgers, pizza, jalebi, etc.
6. Stop cooking in aluminum utensils.
7. So Do not drink cold drinks at all.
8. Do not eat or at least eat packaged things.

In this way, by adopting these things –you can make your immunity so strong that you can beat Corona.
Even So, Keep in mind that your immunity is the medicine of Carona.

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