Rajasthan New District List 2023 राजस्थान में 50 जिले, 19 नए जिले की घोषणा March 26, 2023 by Rajasthan Job Portal

Rajasthan New District List – The declaration of 19 regions in Rajasthan by the Rajasthan Government, drove by Boss Priest Shashok Gehlot, fulfilled a well established resident interest. The Rajasthan New District List  is now available, and the delimitation process has begun. I am writing to inform you that fifty districts have been established with the announcement of numerous new ones.

The most recent additions to the  New District Map 2023 include Anupgarh, Balotra, Beawar, Deeg Didwana, Kuchaman City, Dudu, Gangapur City, Jaipur North, Jaipur South, Jodhpur West, Kekdi, Kotputli, Khairthal, Neemkathana, Phalodi, Salumbar, Sanchore, and Shahpura-Bhilwara. Please download the most recent Rajasthan District List 2023 from rajasthan.gov.in and keep it with you so you can learn more about the state’s geography. For quick information about the most recent districts and Rajasthan New Sambhag 2023, read this post.

Rajasthan New District List 2023

As is notable, the Rajasthan Government has finished the latest work in this series to engage residents in the state. As per impending reports, the Rajasthan New Locale Rundown for 2023 has been delivered, adding a sum of 19 regions. There are now 50 districts in the state, up from 31 in the past. Another Sambhag in Rajasthan had been mentioned by numerous occupants of the state, and they have now accepted their desire.

Anupgarh, Balotra, Beawar, Deeg Didwana, Kuchaman City, Dudu, Gangapur City, Jaipur North, Jaipur South, Jodhpur West, Kekdi, Kotputli, Khairthal, Neemkathana, Phalodi, Salumbar, Sanchore, Shahpura, and Bhilwara are the new augmentations to the new Locale Rundown in Rajasthan in 2023. A comprehensive list of the districts is also provided below for your convenience. This is to inform you that these new districts’ administrative and judicial courts will be independent.

Rajasthan New District List

Rajasthan New District List 2023 Details

State Name Rajasthan
Led by CM Sh Ashok Gehlot
Political Party Indian National Congress
Rajasthan New Districts 2023 Announced on 18 March 2023
Total New Districts 19 Districts
Old Number of Districts 31 Districts
Rajasthan Updated 50 Districts
Name of Districts Check Below
Article Category News
Rajasthan Government Portal rajasthan.gov.in

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About Rajasthan

India’s largest state by area is Rajasthan, also known as the “Land of Kings” or “Land of Kingdom.” The state, which is in the country’s northwest and is home to many different cultures, Temples, forts, and fortresses can be found in almost every city, and the Indus Valley Civilization’s ruins are among its highlights. Rajasthan is broken up into nine regions; Ajmer State, Hadoti, Dhundhar, Gorwar, Shekhawati, Mewar, Marwar, Vagad and Mewat which are similarly wealthy in its legacy and creative commitment. In addition to the state’s history, these regions have a parallel history.

Keoladeo National Park, near Bharatpur, is a world heritage site known for its bird life. In addition, the state has two national tiger reserves, Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar and Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur. The State was framed on 30th Walk 1949 when Rajputana – name as taken on by English Crown was converged into the Domain of India. The largest city, Jaipur, was chosen as the state capital.

Rajasthan New Map 2023 Pdf Download

आपको निचे राजस्थान के 50 जिलों का नया नक्शा डाउनलोड करने के लिए पीडीऍफ़ फाइल दी गई है जिससे यहाँ पर आप 50 जिलों का नया नक्शा देखकर के डाउनलोड के ऐरो पर क्लिक करके Rajasthan New Map PDF In Hindi कर सकते है।

New District Map 2023

  • Rajasthan is India’s second-largest state, after Madhya Pradesh, with 31 districts in the past.
  • The map of Rajasthan has recently received 19 brand-new districts from CM Sh Ashok Gehlot.
  • The choice has been made after individuals’ well established demands and considering the number of inhabitants in recently framed areas.
  • The Rajasthan New District Map 2023 can be viewed at rajasthan.gov.in for a better understanding of the state’s geography.
  • Numerous pending procedures will eventually be completed, to the benefit of citizens.

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Rajasthan 19 New District List 2023

  1. बालोतरा- बाड़मेर (Balotra New district)
  2. ब्यावर – अजमेर (Beawar New district)
  3. अनूपगढ़ – श्रीगंगानगर (Anupgarh New district)
  4. डीडवाना – नागौर (Didwana New district)
  5. कुचामन – नागौर ( Kuchaman New district)
  6. डी – भरतपुर (Deeg New district)
  7. दूदू – जयपुर (Dudu New district)
  8. गंगापुर सिटी – सवाई माधोपुर (Gangapur City New district)
  9. जयपुर उत्तर – जयपुर (Jaipur North New district)
  10. जयपुर दक्षिण – जयपुर (Jaipur South district)
  11. कोटपूतली- बहरोड़ – जयपु(Kotputli, Bahror New district)
  12. खैरथल – अलवर (Khairthal New district)
  13. नीमकाथाना- सीकर (Neemkathana New district)
  14. फलौदी – जोधपुर (Phalodi New district)
  15. सलूंबर – उदयपुर (Salumber New district)
  16. सांचोर – जालौर (Sanchore New district)
  17. जोधपुर पूर्व – जोधपुर (Jodhpur East New Distict)
  18. जोधपु पश्चिम – जोधपुर (Jodhpur West New district)
  19. शाहपुरा – भीलवाड़ा (Shahpura New district)

Rajasthan District List 2023 Updated

If you want to know more about Rajasthan’s geography, please read the section before this one. This is to inform you that the Rajasthan District List 2023 Updated now contains 50 districts as opposed to the previous 31. The long-standing requests of citizens resulted in the addition of these 19 Districts yesterday. Since they needed to make a trip far to get to the locale base camp, many individuals were experiencing difficulty. These individuals will be able to easily complete their tasks by traveling only a short distance with the announcement of 19 New Districts.

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How To Download Rajasthan New District List 2023 Online?

  • To begin, we request that readers visit rajasthan.gov.in with a device connected to the Internet.
  • Second, you need to tap the About Rajasthan Button in order to move on to the next page.
  • Here, you can see the various options from which you must choose the Rajasthan Map.
  • When the map opens, the geography of Rajasthan State will appear.
  • Check out the New Districts, Headquarters, and other important sections of this document.
  • Download and print the PDF file to gain a better understanding of the newly announced districts.
  • By following these instructions, you can all download the PDF of the Rajasthan New District Map 2023.

Rajasthan New Sambhag 2023

  • Because they were having a lot of trouble, many people in the state of Rajasthan were waiting for the new districts.
  • Individuals needed to travel a significant stretch from where they resided to finish the managerial work, which was one of the significant issues.
  • Rajasthan New Sambhag 2023 and numerous new districts have now been announced.
  • According to the information we have, the New Districts in Rajasthan are Anupgarh, Balotra, Beawar, Deeg Didwana, Kuchaman City, Dudu, Gangapur City, Jaipur North, Jaipur South, Jodhpur West, Kekdi, Kotputli, Khairthal, Neemkathana, Phalodi, Salumbar, Sanchore, Shahpura, and Bhilwara.
  • In the coming days, the Government will construct brand-new Administration, Police Stations, and Headquarters.

Rajasthan New District List 2023 FAQ’S

राजस्थान में कुल कितने जिले हैं?

राजस्थान में कुल जिलों की संख्या 33 से बढ़कर 50 हो गई है।

राजस्थान में कुल कितने संभाग हैं?

राजस्थान में कुल संभाग की संख्या 7 से बढ़कर 10 हो गई है।

राजस्थान न्यू मैप कैसे डाउनलोड करें?

राजस्थान न्यू मैप 2023 डाउनलोड करने की संपूर्ण प्रोसेस और डायरेक्ट लिंक ऊपर उपलब्ध करवा दिया है।

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