Shravan Month: Why Shivaji became a householder from Yogi, know the secret

Shravan Month: – Lord Shiva is a yogi, a Bairagi and a guru to sannyasins. They are customary, that is, they roam from place to place and when they stop roaming, they simply remain absorbed in samadhi.

Shravan Month: Why Shivaji became a householder from Yogi


1. Lord Shiva was a great yogi and he was always absorbed in samadhi and meditation, but it was only the love of Mother Parvati that the yogi became a householder.

2. It is necessary for the householder to be a yogi, only then he can maintain a successful married life.

3. Inverted Ganga flowed with Lord Shiva. There are many people who after marriage go to a stage of their age and leave their wife after becoming a Bairagi. Like Gautam Buddha or many other sages and sages, but Lord Shiva was already a yogi, a sanyasi or to say that Bairagi.

4. It was the penance of Mother Parvati that became a yogi householder. It must be said that even Mother Parvati was Jogan. If you have taken seven rounds with your wife, then how can you leave for sannyas in this birth? The biggest example was presented by Lord Shankar.

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5. When Mata Sati took her second birth in the form of Parvati, she again performed severe penance and fast to get Shiva. During that time there was terror of Tarakasur. It was a boon that only Shiva’s son could kill him. But Shiva was absorbed in penance. In such a situation, the gods made a plan to marry Shiva to Parvati. Under him Kamadeva was sent to break his penance. Cupid dissolved his penance but he himself was consumed. Later Shiva married Parvati. In this marriage, Shiva reached Parvati’s place with a procession. An interesting description of this story will be found in the Puranas. Shiva believed that Sati would return in the form of Parvati, so Parvati also set a perfect example of surrender in the form of penance to attain Shiva.

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