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What is third party car insurance

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Third-party Insurance Car You must have seen a car accident on the road at some point in time, there is a lot of serious loss and damage inside a car accident, inside third party car insurance, the insurance holder gets any kind of damage to the third party inside the accident and Provides coverage to compensate for the loss of property, if any accident or loss occurs to the third party due to the same mistake under this policy and if there is death inside it, then its full damages will be given under third party car insurance. First of all, let us know what is included in third-party car insurance.

What is included in Third Party Car Insurance?

1. For personal accident –

Under this plan, the insured covers the entire cost of the treatment in case of any personal injury and loss to the insured.

2. Third Party Damage in Accident-

Under Third Party Car Insurance, if you suffer any kind of damage from the city third party, then the insurance company gives you coverage for it, and under this policy, the full coverage of the damage caused to the third party is also given by the insurance company.

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3. Death or injury of the third party under accident –

Under third party car insurance, if you suffer any kind of damage from a third party and accident in which death occurs, then it provides coverage under this, and under this insurance third party will also get any kind of loss. Coverage is given even if death occurs

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What is not covered under Third Party Insurance-

If there is a theft or fire inside the accident, then you will not be compensated for your loss inside it.
Death of the driver or the owner of the car who has insurance or that of the driver.
Any injury caused to third parties in an accident involving the driver of alcohol or any other kind of intoxication.
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Why is third party car insurance necessary?

While buying a car, it is mandatory to have third-party car insurance with it, under this, if there is any kind of damage to other means on the road or to someone’s property, then its compensation is given by the insurance company. Any type of liabilities are paid by the company, if there is any death or damage to someone’s property due to your means, then it is paid by the insurance company, if you do then you will have to pay within it. It is legally necessary to get 3 years third party insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance –

If there is an accident while driving the car, then the driver of the car has to take personal accident insurance for any kind of bodily damage inside it, this is also counted under this car insurance, it is counted under the driver and above the front seat. Sitting persons are covered under this insurance, if the driver of the car dies in an accident, then he and his family members are compensated by the company.

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Today we have known that it is necessary for all of us to take insurance “Third-party Insurance Car” because we hear about incidents every day and the incident can happen with anyone, so it is very important to give coverage to you and your family. It is important that if you are the head of the household and you run the expenses of your household, then it is very important for you to take insurance. So it is mandatory to take insurance.

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