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Motivational Quotes is a necessity, for every person who wants to make some changes in their life, who wants to give a direction to their life and fulfill their dreams.

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New Motivational Quotes


Winner is that
Joe tries one more time after losing again and again.


Until you win
Till then someone
Story will not have INTEREST
So show them to the world first.

If you want peace in life then

Focus on your work

Not on talk

Those who rely on hard work

They never talk of luck ”

Eyes, in

Sleep a lot but don’t sleep

This is the time to do something

Do not lose.

If hard work becomes habit
So success becomes ‘Muqaddar’.

The floors are also stubborn.
The paths are also stubborn,
Let’s see what will happen tomorrow
Even freshly, they are stubborn.


Today Ranasta is made,
Then you will get the destination tomorrow also.
Try this one day full of encouragement
Surely it will bring color !!


Have to fly.
Even if you have to fall several times
Dreams come true
Even if you have to fight with yourself


Motivational Quotes

If hard work becomes habit
Success if you go



There may be thousands of shortcomings in you, but
Believe in yourself that you are the most
You have the ability to do better


No gains without pains
Friends eat natural bird
Definitely gives, but not in the scuffle.


If you have to do something big,
So think like a big person.


The pain you feel today
Has been If you suffer this pain
Stay; So tomorrow this pain is your most
Will become a big force ..


Person control themselves
Can he do anything in life
Can also do.


Do not worry about the throne be lion
Do where you will sit throne
He will become


Lost in target
Understand that he has succeeded.


You have slept today,
You have to sleep well tomorrow
Will give you a chance !!


One of every successful people
It is the same thing, it is just
Want to find your destination

positive quotes



Don’t give up
Remember those who
Told you will not happen.


I know, no one can beat me unless I lose by myself.


Where it becomes difficult to understand others.
It is better to understand yourself there.


Some people definitely look poor in life.
But the hearts are very rich.

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Motivational Quotes


Never think that you alone
Be, rather think that you alone
Enough is enough


Remember to see the good times
Bad times also have to be faced.


Your job is to work hard.
Everyone else’s name.


The loser is seen as small on the way,
And to the last man
The paths do not end.


A loser in the field can expect a win again, but a loser who has lost his heart has lost hope.


How bright is the sun
The sea cannot be dry.
In the same way, the Sea of Expectations
One cannot be defeated by one defeat.

Successful people speak themselves
Likes to listen more.


In a quiver of fresh
Keep that arrow of try alive
Lose everything in life,
But to win again
Keep hope alive!


Speak as much about others
Hear as much as you can about yourself.


Running away from the waves of fear in life
The ferry does not cross.
To achieve your dreams
Fighters never lose

life motivational quotes


Often the doors are open to them,
Who do not hesitate to knock them out.


What is important can extinguish it.
And the one who burns is extinguished himself.


To become an expert in any work
There is a way. Everyday practice.


Always remember, for the good days

Have to fight against the bad days.

thought Motivational Quotes


Work hard, teach Sikhs,
And see how amazing things will be.


If you work happily, you will get both happiness and success.
History is not the topper of schools
Rather, stubborn people create.


Reach that level in life
Go that people are losing you
Regret all life.


Will walk on the path, specializes in walking
Will become !! Find either floor
Will go, or become a good traveler
would go !!

Truth Of Life Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes


Who really wants to get something,
He will keep fighting till the last moment to get it.


Who has won the battle since nights,
In the morning the sun shines as it does.


They never stare at their compulsion.
He likes to walk under any circumstances.


I believe in creating a separate identity.
I have a habit of smiling even in the trouble.
So I am always happy.


Understand when you don’t fall for anything
Duvas hold back.


Those who are hot in the furnace of experience,
The same coins run in the world market.


If you want something
And get it if you don’t
That something else is written in your fortune.


There is only one way to progress,
Never look back


Develop yourself,
Speed ​​and development is a sign of a living human.


You will always get what
You are doing today
Not what you’re looking for.


Please be happy for them
I want to see you happier than your happiness.

– # 51—

No matter what the relationship
But the password is the same belief.

Never give up in life
It is difficult to defeat the person.

Standing under someone’s shade does not create one’s own shade, one has to stand in strong sunlight to make one’s own shade.

Everything in life is easy when you are busy.
But everything is difficult when you’re lazy.

Nothing is easily found
It has to be achieved through hardwork.

Hard times do not always last, but only those folk who uproot difficult times from the root.

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