Honesty trust and friendship Motivational

Honesty trust and friendship -Every human wishes for a happy life, so now the question is what is happiness? What is real lasting and true happiness? We need to think deeply about this subject. Happiness experienced through the senses ─ Such sensations as seeing, hearing, tasting, or smelling something good provides some degree of satisfaction. But the pleasure based on these sensory sensations is very superficial. As long as certain amenities remain, you get happiness or happiness or happiness, but as soon as a big disturbance occurs, the happiness disappears.

What is happiness (Honesty trust and friendship)


Or there are some people who get some kind of pleasure by watching television, but without television, they get bored within an hour. Some people take pleasure in traveling and traveling to different parts of the world, and constantly experiencing new places, cultures, music, and tastes. I think this happens because of being unable to develop inner peace through mental practice.

But the people who actually adopt a solitary lifestyle for years, truly experience a happy life. Once in Barcelona, I met a Catholic monk whose English was similar to mine, and so I had more courage to talk to him! Because The organizer there told me that these monks had spent five years in the mountains living the life of a monk. I asked him what he did while living in the mountains, then he told me that he thought about love and meditated.

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When he was referring to this, there was a special kind of emotion in his eyes which indicated that his mind is really calm. So This is an example where peace of mind is achieved by developing some deep life values, not based on sensory experiences. Because A real relaxation had developed within them by constantly thinking about the subject of love.

Therefore, whenever I give a speech, I always emphasize that physical development can be very necessary for material happiness, but that physical value never gives real mental peace. Sometimes when people become rich, their greed also increases, and then they become even more stressed. The result is that the happiness of the person is snatched away. Therefore, if you wish for happiness in life, do not rely only on material values. Material values ​​are necessary, but apart from this, we need to pay serious attention to our internal values. We may or may not believe in religion, but as a human being, it is necessary for us to have inner peace.

Honesty : Mental peace and good health

So Based on their findings, some scientists say that too much stress causes blood pressure and a variety of other problems. Some medical scientists say that constant fear, anger and hatred destroy our immunity. Therefore peace of mind is one of the most important factors for good health because there is a deep connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body. As far as my own experience is concerned, two years ago during a press talk, a media person asked me a question about my rebirth. I jokingly looked at him, took off my glasses and asked, “What do you think while looking at my face, should my rebirth be immediate or not?” And he replied that there is no hurry.

Honesty trust and friendship Motivational– Some time ago I was in Europe and there were some old friends comparing my pictures taken up to twenty, thirty, or forty years ago, and everyone said that my face still looks young. In my life, as you can see, So I have gone through many difficult times and I have faced many kinds of problems, and many situations have arisen which can cause anxiety, depression and isolation. But I think my mind is relatively calm. Sometimes I also get angry, but basically, my mental state is peaceful.

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Because I like to tease the young girls who spend a lot of money on cosmetics. Because The first thing is that their husbands may complain that their hobby is very expensive! Anyway, external beauty is important, but internal beauty is more important. You can make your face beautiful, but if there is a true smile and a sense of affection on a beautiful face, then that face looks good without makeup. This is the real beauty; True value is hidden within us.

So One has to spend a lot of money to get outdoor facilities. Always have to go to big shops, big supermarkets. But no spending is necessary for inner peace! So Think about these inner values ​​and familiarize yourself with them, and you will find that harmful feelings will gradually reduce. By doing this, you get inner peace.

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Because A more compassionate attitude towards others or a sense of concern for their well-being gives us confidence. When you have confidence in yourself, you can do all your work with transparency, honesty and honesty. So This creates trust in others’ minds towards you, and trust is the basis of friendship. We, humans, are social animals who need friends. It is not necessary that people become our friends due to power or money, or to become our friends due to our education or knowledge, rather faith is the important basis of friendship. In this way, So a sense of respect and respect for the life and well-being of other people is the basis of dialogue. (Honesty trust and friendship)

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