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Understanding quotes is a Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile. We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge. Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.

What are some quotes about Understanding?


 Understanding quotes: The great art of learning is to understand but little at a time. Understanding comes through communication, and through understanding we find the way to peace. To understand and to be understood makes our happiness on earth.

  • The great art of learning is to understand but little at a time.
  • Understanding comes through communication, and through understanding we find the way to peace.

  • To understand and to be understood makes our happiness on earth.

  • Thoughts are wonderful things, that they can bring two people, so far apart, into harmony and understanding for even a little while.

  • The great need today in every phase of our social, economical and political life is understanding. It has always been so, but today the need is even greater.

More Quotes on Understanding

  • There are three kinds of brains: One understands of itself, another can be taught to understand, and the third can neither understand to itself or be taught to understand.
  • Men are admitted into heaven not because they have curbed or governed their passions, but because they have cultivate their understandings.

  • There exists a passion for comprehension, just as there exists a passion for music. That passion is rather common in children, but gets lost in most people later on. Without this passion there would be neither mathematics nor natural science.

  • A man of understanding finds less difficulty in submitting to a wrong-headed fellow, than in attempting to set him right.

  • If you want understanding try giving some.

  • We shall see but little if we require to understand what we see. How few things can a man measure with the tape of his understanding.

  • I have tried sedulously not to laugh at the acts of man, nor to lament them, nor to detest them, but to understand them.

  • The ways to knowledge are multitudinous-the way to understanding is devious.

  • He who calls in the aid of an equal understanding doubles his own; and he who profits of a superior understanding raises his powers to a level with the height of the superior understanding he unites with.

  • It is the great destiny of human science, not to ease man’s labors or prolong his life, noble as those ends may be nor to serve the ends of power, but to enable man to walk upright without fear in a world which he at length will understand and which is his home.

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  • If you wish to please people, you must begin by understanding them.

  • Something unknown is something we don’t know what.

  • Martyrs must choose between being forgotten, mocked or made use of. As for being understood, never!

  • What a delightful thing is the conversation of specialists! One understands absolutely nothing, and it’s charming.

  • My intimate contact with those great producing organizations and the men in them has given me great confidence in the machinery and the spirit now available for the building of a proper world. I do not mean that our industrial system is as good as it should be, but if I am looking for intelligent a …

  • What better way is there no make men love one another than to make men understand one another. True charity comes only with clarity-just as mercy is but justice that understands. Surely the root of all evil is the inability to see clearly that which is.

  • No one really understands the grief or joy of another. We always imagine that we are approaching some other, but our lines of travel are actually parallel.

  • When you don’t understand, it’s sometimes easier to look like you do.

  • Be not disturbed at being misunderstood; be disturbed rather at not being understanding.

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  • Our greatest opportunities for advancing productivity and improving living standards are to be found in the field of human relationships. Having achieved a better understanding of each other and their common responsibility to consumers and investors, both management and labor should do all in their.

  • When the heart is won, the understanding is easily convinced.

  • I know no evil so great as the abuse of the understanding, and yet there is no one vice more common.

  • Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.

  • With all thy getting, get understanding, is the banner under which these Forbes editorials have appeared since the first issue of the publication. We have no illusions about what great wealth can do and what it cannot do. We believe in the worthwhileness of striving by all worthy means to attain suc.

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  • Understanding is more comprehensive than intellect because it intuits truths that cautious intellect can get sight of but never embrace-like a sea-gazer who never plunges in. When we understand, we have left intellect on the shore and don’t need it and its crabbed analyses.

  • The eye of the understanding is like the eye of the sense; for as you may see great objects through small crannies or holes, so you may see great axioms of nature through small and contemptible instances. (understanding quotes)

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