Advice of crossing the sea, encouraging Jambavant by reminding Hanumanji of strength, the importance of Sri Rama-guna

 the advice of crossing the sea, encouraging Jambavant by reminding Hanumanji of strength, the importance of Sri Rama-guna

I am looking at them, you cannot see, because the sight of Siddha is immense (goes far). What to do? I am old, otherwise, you must have helped me.

Monkeys leave for Sugriva-Rama dialogue and search for Sitaji


The hundred plan (four hundred Kos) will be able to cross the sea and be wise, only he can do the work of Shri Ramji. (Do not panic by being disappointed) Seeing me, be patient in your heart. See how my body became (by looking at) by the grace of Shri Ramji (there was pain without any eyes, it became beautiful by growing a face)!
Even sinners whose names are remembered and get away from Bhavsagar. You are his messenger, so leave cowardice and hold Sri Ramji in your heart and take measures.
(Kakbhushundiji says-) O Garuda! After saying this, when Gidha departed, then (a monkey) was very surprised. Everyone said their own force. But everyone expressed doubt in crossing the sea.
Raksharaj Jambavan started saying – I got old. There was no trace of the previous force in the body. When Kharari (Khar’s enemy Shri Ram) became Vamana, then I was young and I had great strength.
The Lord increased so much while making the sacrifice that that body could not be described, but I ran seven times (of that body) in two hours.
Angad said – I will go across, but there is some doubt in my heart for returning. Jambwan said- You are worthy in all ways, but you are the leader of all, how to send you?
Raksharaj Jambavan said to Shree Hanumanji – O Hanuman! Hey, strong Listen, what is this silent practice you have kept? You are the son of the wind and like the wind in strength. You are a mine of wisdom, wisdom and science.
Which is such a difficult task in the world, O tat! Could not be with you You have been incarnated for the work of Shri Ramji. Hearing this, Hanumanji became (extremely giant) in the shape of a mountain.
He has a golden color, a sharp grace on the body, as if Sumeru, the king of the other mountains. Hanumanji repeatedly made a cry and said – I can cross this salt sea only in the game.
And by killing Ravana with helpers, I can uproot the Trikuta mountain and bring it here. Hey jambawan I ask you, you give me proper lessons (what should I do)
(Jambavan said-) O, Tat! You should do so much that after seeing Sitaji, come back and tell him the news. Then Kamalnayan Shri Ramji will bring Sita with his muscle (he will destroy the demons, only) for the game, he will take the army of apes.
After taking the army of apes and destroying the demons, Shri Ramji will bring Sita. Then the deity and Naradadi Muni will narrate the beautiful Yash, which sanctifies the three worlds of God, which human beings get by listening, singing, saying, and understanding, and which Tulsidas sings to Madhukar (Bhramar) of Shri Raghuveer’s Charanakamal.
Yash Bhava (birth-death) of Shri Raghuveer is the (infallible) medicine of the disease. The men and women who listen to it, Shri Ramji, the enemy of Trishira, will prove all their wishes.
Those who have a black body like a blue lotus, whose beauty is more than crores of Kamadeva and whose name is similar to Badik (Vyadha) to kill sinful birds, must listen to the group (Leela) of the qualities of Sri Rama.


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