Ahalya Salvation

Ahalya Salvation Shri Ramcharitmanas

Religious story

 B  Ahalya Salvation  –An ashram appeared on the road. There was no animal or animal there. Seeing a stone rock, the Lord asked, then the sage told all the story in detail.

Gautam Muni’s woman Ahalya curses, wearing a stone body and longing for the end of your feet. Hey Raghuveer! Please bless it.

That tapomurthy Ahalya literally appeared as soon as she touched the feet of Shri Ramji’s holy and mourning feet. Seeing Shri Raghunathji, who gave pleasure to the devotees, she stood with folded arms in front. She became impatient due to extreme love. His body got pulsed, he did not come in to say the word. She clung to the feet of the very elder Bhagabhini Ahalya Prabhu and a stream of water (tears of love and bliss) flowed from both her eyes.

Then he was patient in his mind and recognized the Lord and received devotion by the grace of Shri Raghunathji. Then he started praising (thus) with utmost clean voice – O Lord Raghunath Ji, who knows from knowledge. We salute you! I am (instinctively) an unholy woman, and O God! You are the one who purifies the world, gives happiness to devotees, and is an enemy of Ravana. Hey Kamalnayan! O deliverer from the fear of the world (birth and death)! I have come to your shelter, (protect) me, protect me.

So The saint who cursed me did very well. I consider him very gracious (by doing) that because of which I saw Shri Hari (you), who rescued me from the world, with an eye. This (your philosophy) considers Shankarji the biggest benefit. Oh, Lord! I am very innocent of wisdom, I have a request. Hey Nath! I do not ask for any more bridesmaid, but only wish that the bunny of my mind keeps on drinking the sweet juice of your lotus tree.

So Kripalu Hari (you) placed the feet on which Parampitra Devanadi Gangaji appeared, which Shiva held on his head, and the feet which Brahmaji worships. Thus (praising) Gautama’s woman Ahalya, after falling at the feet of the Lord again and again, who felt very good at the feet of God, went to her husband, filled with joy.

So Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji is such a Deena Bandhu and has mercy without any reason. Tulsidas Ji says, O Shath (mind)! You leave hymns and worship them.

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                   The boon of God Shri Ramcharitmanas Balkand


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