Amazing facts about Shri Krishna

Amazing facts about Shri Krishna, know why so many people believe in him.

Lord Krishna holds the highest position among all the incarnations. He has the most and most famous temple in the whole of India. Research is being done on them all over the world and people from all over the world like them the most. He is a universally recognized great man rising above country, religion and sect. Come know that knowing such facts about him, people are attracted towards him.

1. Not God, lover and friend: Shri Krishna is a friend, friend or friend of his devotees. He never became the god of any devotee. He always gave importance to friendship. Be it Sudama or Arjuna, then in Kalikal the devotees Madhavdas and Meera. Shri Krishna is also the friend and teacher of his devotees. They impart knowledge by becoming lovers and friends. Knowing the stories of thousands of his friends opens this distinction.

Jagannath Jagannath: Shri Krishna was proficient in 14 vidyas, 16 spiritual and 64 worldly arts. That is why Lord Krishna is called the Nath of the world, Jagannath and the Guru of the world, Jagadguru.

3. Poornavatar: Lord Krishna’s being God is the source of his power. He was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu out of 10 incarnations, while he was number 22 among 24 incarnations. He remembered all his previous previous lives. He is considered as a complete incarnation in all incarnations.

4. Miracle: In his childhood, he had given Mother Yashoda Maiya the vision of the universe in his mouth. He brought again the dead son of sage Sandipani from Yamraj. He had immediately cured the hunchbacked kubja in Mathura. He lifted the Govardhan mountain with his ant finger in order to break the ego of Indra. When Draupadi was being dismembered in the meeting of Dhritarashtra, he had made Draupadi’s sari longer by her miracle. Barbarik’s head was cut off and kept at a particular place from where he could watch the war. Before killing Jayadratha, he had made it rise again after sunset before his Maya. He revived the son Parikshit, who was born in the womb of Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara, and cursed Ashwatthama to live for 3,000 years. In this way he has hundreds of miracles. (Amazing facts about Shri Krishna)

5. Characteristics of the body: At the time of war, the body of Shri Krishna became wide and hard and during the dance it became soft. The intoxicating smell kept emanating from his body. They undertook to hide this smell in their secret missions. It is believed that this happened because he was well versed in Yoga and Kalaripattu Vidya.
6. Knowledge of Gita: He was the first person in the world who gave knowledge on the battlefield and that too on which thousands of commentaries were written all over the world and which is relevant even today. In fact, the Gita is considered to be the only scripture. His life story is described in Shrimad Bhagwat Purana. Apart from the Gita, Shri Krishna has written many other Gita. Like Anu Geeta, Uddhav Geeta etc. In the Gita, he told the true path of religion, God and salvation.

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7. Birth and death is a mystery: The birth of Shri Krishna is a mystery because he was born in jail and that too Vishnu in the form of his 8th incarnation came out in the 28th Dwapar of the Manvantara of Manu Vaivasvat in the 8th Muhurta on the night of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada. Went and the 8th appeared only then at midnight the most auspicious Lagna appeared. Only auspicious planets had sight on that ascendant. Due to the coincidence of Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi, he was born in a yoga named Jayanti at around 12 o’clock i.e. zero period. Similarly, he also chose death when he had to go to his abode. According to mythological beliefs, the Lord took an incarnation as Rama in Treta and shot an arrow by hiding Bali. At the time of Krishna incarnation, Lord made the same Bali as a fowler named Jara and chose the same death for himself as he had given to Bali. (Amazing facts about Shri Krishna)
8. Virat Swaroop: He showed His Virat form to Akrurji, then to Uddhava, then to King Muchukunda, then to Shishupala, then to Dhritarashtra, and then to Arjuna 3 times as Virat. It is said that he had shown his great form to Madhavdas in Kali Yuga.

9. All and they are worshiped: Shri Krishna is worshiped as Jagannath in Puri, as Dwarkadhish in Dwarka, as Shrinath in Gujarat, as Savaliya Seth in Rajasthan. Similarly, they have a different form in every state.
10. Lakhs of people got salvation: Thousands of women, Draupadi, Radha, Rukmini, Satyabhama and Gopis got salvation or say that knowledge was attained through Shri Krishna during his period. He imparted knowledge to his devotees through the path of devotion. From Gopis to Meera and from Sudama to Surdas, everyone got salvation.

11. His devotees are in crores: Shri Krishna has crores of devotees. There are many organizations like ISKCON which spread the propagation of Shri Krishna Bhakti.

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