Angad-Ram Dialogue, Preparation for War

Angad-Ram Dialogue, Preparation for War

Here (on Mount Subel) Shri Ramji called Angad. He came and gave heads in Charankamalas. Sitting near him with great respect, the enemy of Khar graciously Shri Ramji laughed and said.

O son of Bali! I am very curious Hey Tat That’s why I ask you, tell the truth. Ravana is the tilak of the clan of demons and whose incomparable muscle power is full of magic,

You threw her four crowns. Hey Tat Tell me, how did you find them! (Angad said-) O omniscient! O refugees who give pleasure Listen. They are not crowns. Those are the four qualities of a king.

Hey Nath! The Vedas say that Sama, Daan, Dand and Bhide – these four reside in the heart of the king. These are the four beautiful stages of Niti-Dharma, (but Ravana lacks religion) Knowing this, he has come to Nath.

Dashashish Ravan is righteous, alienated from the position of Lord and is under the control of Kaal, therefore, O Kosalraj! Listen, those qualities have come to you except Ravana.

Listening to Angad’s supreme cleverness (full utterance) ears, the benevolent Shri Ramchandraji started laughing. Then the son told all the news of the fort (of Lanka).

When news of the enemy was received, Sri Ramachandraji called all the ministers nearby (and said-) Lanka has four big gates. Consider how to attack them.

Angadji’s going to Lanka and Angad-Ravana dialogue in Ravana’s assembly

Then Vanararaj Sugriva, Rakshapati Jambavan and Vibhishana remembered Bhushan Sri Raghunathji of Surya Kul in his heart and after considering it he fixed his duty. Four teams of army of monkeys formed.

And appointed as general (as needed) commanders for him. Then he summoned all the youths and explained to everyone the glory of the Lord, on hearing of which the monkey roared like a lion.

They cheerfully wave their heads at the feet of Shri Ramji and all the heroes run, taking the summit of the mountains. ‘Kosalraj Shri Raghuveerji ki Jai Ho’, the bears and monkeys shout and shout.

Knowing Lanka to be a very superior (invincible) fort, the monkey walked fearlessly with the glory of Lord Shri Ramchandraji. Like a cloud of clouds surrounded from all four sides, they surrounded Lanka from all four directions and stung their mouths and began to play sheep.

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