Angadji’s going to Lanka and Angad-Ravana dialogue in Ravana’s assembly

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Angadji’s going to Lanka and Angad-Ravana dialogue in Ravana’s assembly

Here (on Subel Parvat), Shri Raghunathji woke up early in the morning and he called all the ministers and asked for advice and tell them quickly, what should be the solution? Jambwan nodded at the feet of Shri Ramji and said-

 O omniscient (knowing all things)! O settlers in the heart of everyone (the conscience)! O wisdom, strength, glory, religion, and virtues! Listen! I advise according to my wisdom that Balikumar Angad be sent as a messenger!
This good advice went on everyone’s mind. With the help of grace, Shri Ramji said to Angad – O Balamutra, abode of strength, intelligence and virtues! Hey Tat You go to lanka for my work
What can I say after explaining you a lot! I know you are extremely clever. Talking with the enemy, that is our business and its welfare.
Angadji got up (and said- Lord Shree Ramji) by climbing his head and worshiping his feet. Whatever you please, it becomes a sea of qualities.
All the work of the owner is perfect, the Lord has given me honor (who is sending me to his work). After thinking this, the heart of Crown Prince Angad was delighted and his body pulsed.
Angad walked away, bowing his feet and holding the sovereignty of God in his heart. Ranbankure Veer Baliputra, holding the Lord’s majesty in his heart, is naturally fearless.
On entering Lanka, I met Ravana’s son, who was playing there. In many things, the quarrel grew in both (because) both were incomparable strong and then both had youth.
He kicked Angad. Angad grabbed the (same) leg and rolled it to the ground and knocked it down. Seeing the heavy warriors of the monster, wherever they went (part), they could not even cry out in fear.
They do not tell each other their heart (the real thing), considering the slaughter of that (son of Ravana), all of them remain silent. (Seeing the death of Ravana’s son and seeing the demons fleeing in fear) there was uproar in the city that the monkey who had burnt Lanka has come again.
Everyone became very fearful and started thinking about what the creator would do now. They tell Angad (the court of Ravana) without asking. Whatever he sees, he dries out of fear.
Remembering the feet of Shri Ramji, Angad went to the door of the assembly of Ravana and he looked around with the amount of patience, valor and force from Angad Singh’s ci (Shan).
Immediately he sent a demon and informed Ravana about his arrival. On hearing this Ravana laughed and said- Bring the call, (See) where is the monkey.
On getting orders, many messengers ran and called Angad like an elephant in monkeys. Angad saw Ravana sitting as if a pranayukta (live) mountain of kajal!
The arms are like trees and the heads are the peaks of mountains. As in Romavali there are many creepers. The mouth, nose, eyes and ears are equal to the mountains and cavities of the mountain.
Very brave Baliputra went to the Angad Sabha, he did not hesitate at all. On seeing Angad, all the members stood up. Seeing this, there was great anger in Ravana’s heart.
As the lion of the drunken elephants goes (disarmingly), so he (Sri Nirbhay) recalls Pratap of Sri Ramji in his heart and sits down in the assembly.
Ravana said- Hey monkey! who are you? (Angad said-) O Dashgreev! I am Mr. Raghuveer’s messenger. My father and you were friends, so brother! I have come for your good.
Ravana said- Hey monkey! who are you? (Angad said-) O Dashgreev! I am Mr. Raghuveer’s messenger. My father and you were friends, so brother! I have come for your good.
You have brought Jagjjanani Sitaji from Rajmad or fascination. Now you listen to my good words (my good advice)! (By walking according to it) Lord Shri Ramji will forgive all your crimes.
Press the speck in the teeth, put an ax around the neck and take your women along with the kutumbis, respectfully forward the jankiji, thus leaving all fear and go -॥
And ‘O refugee obeying Raghuvansh Shiromani Shri Ramji! Protect me, protect me. ‘ (Pray the art like this.) The Lord will make you fearless as soon as you hear the call of Art.
(Ravana said-) Hey monkey baby! Carefully speak! idiot! You have not known the enemy of my gods? Dear brother! Tell yourself and your father’s name. Who considers friendship?
(Angad said-) My name is Angad, I am the son of Bali. Have you ever met him? On hearing Angad’s word, Ravana was hesitant (and said-) Yes, I knew (I remember), there was a monkey named Bali.
Hey Angad! You are the child of the bride? Hey Dishonor! You were born as a fire for your clansy bamboo! Why were you not destroyed in the womb itself? Was born in vain who is called the messenger of ascetics with his own mouth!
Now tell me the skill of Bali, where is it (nowadays)? Then Angad laughed and said- After ten (few) days have passed (by himself), go to Bali, plant your friend with heart, ask him for skill.
They will listen to you as they are skilled in opposing Shri Ramji. Hey idiot! Listen, the secret may fall in his mind, (the secret policy can have its effect on him), which does not have Sri Raghuveer in his heart.
True, I am going to destroy the clan and O Ravan! You are the protector of the clan. Even the blind and deaf do not say such a thing, you have twenty eyes and twenty ears!
I immersed the clan by being the messenger of Shiva, the Brahma (Adi) deity and the community of sages whose feet they want to serve (). Oh, even with such intelligence, your heart does not burst?
Hearing the harsh voice of the monkey (Angad), Ravana eyes Tarekar (slanting) said – Oh wicked! I am tolerating all your harsh words because I know policy and religion (I am protecting them).
Angad said- I have also heard your righteousness. (That is) You have stolen a foreign woman! And saw the matter of protecting the messenger with his own eyes. Those who follow (observe) the fast of such a religion, you do not drown and die!
Seeing a sister devoid of nose and ears, you had forgiven considering the religion! Your righteousness is well known. I am also very lucky, which I got to see you?
(Ravana said-) Oh root animal! Don’t talk in vain, oh fool! Look at my arms. All these are Rahu to make the Moon like the giant force of Lokpal.
Then (you must have heard that) by settling on a lotus like my arms in a pond in the sky, like Shiva and Kailas Swan had attained glory
Hey Angad! Listen, tell me in your army, who is a warrior who can fight me? Your master is becoming weak in disconnection of woman and his younger brother is sad and sad from his sorrow.
Both you and Sugriva are (trees) trees on the (river) coast, (my) brother Vibhishana, (so) he is also very timid. Minister Zambavan is very old. What can he climb in the battle now?
Nal-Neel knows craft-work (what do they learn to fight?). Yes, a monkey is definitely a great force, who came before and who lit Lanka. On hearing this promise, his son Angad said-॥
O demon king! Say the truth! Did that monkey really burn your city? The city of Ravana (like Jagadwijayi warrior) was burnt by a small monkey. Who will tell them the truth after hearing such words?
Hey Ravan! The one whom you have praised as a great warrior, he is a small runner of Sugriva. He walks a lot, is not brave. We sent him (only) to take the news
Did that monkey really burn your city without getting permission from the Lord? It seems, for this fear, he did not return to Sugriva and was hiding somewhere!
Hey Ravan! You all say the truth, there is nothing to be angry with me. Truly, there is no one in our army who can fight you.
Preity and hatred should be done with equal, policy is like this. If the lion kills the frogs, will anyone call him good?
Although Shri Ramji has a smallness in killing you and there is a big flaw too, O Ravan! Listen, the anger of the Kshatriya caste is very difficult.
Angad burned the enemy’s heart by hitting an arrow with a bow in the form of a curved tip. Veer Ravana is taking those arrows out of the ropes as a response.
Then Ravana laughed and said – It is a great quality in the monkey that he tries to do good to the one who keeps him.
Blessed is the monkey, who dances wherever he leaves his master for shame. By dancing, seducing people, interests the owner. This is the perfection of his religion.
Hey Angad! Your caste is loyal (again), how will you not show the qualities of your master in this way? I am a virtuous customer (one who respects the virtues) and the supreme gentleman (sensible), because of this, you do not pay attention to your burnt.
Angad said- Hanuman was told to me your true quality of customer service. He had destroyed the city in Ashoka forest and killed your son and burned the city. Even then (you understood that because of your quality of customer service), he didn’t do anything to you.
Consider your beautiful nature, O Dashgreev! I have done some audacity. When I came to see what Hanuman had said, I saw that you are neither ashamed nor angry nor irritated.
(Ravana said-) Hey monkey! When you have such wisdom, then you have eaten the father. Ravana laughed saying such a word. Angad said – After eating the father, he would eat you too, but immediately I understood something else!
Hey lowly arrogant! Knowing the character (reason) of Bali’s pure fame, I do not kill you. Ravana! Tell me how many Ravan are there in the world? Listen to all the Ravan that I have heard with my ears.
A Ravana went to the hunger to win the sacrifice, then the children tied him in a horse. Children used to play and go and kill him. The sacrifice took pity, then they released it.
Then Sahasrabahu saw a Ravana, and he ran and caught him like a special (strange) animal. He brought her home for the show. Then Pulastya Muni went and rescued him.
I am very hesitant to say the words of one Ravana – he (for a long time) lived in the armpits of Bali. Which of these are you Ravan? Tell me the truth, except irritation.
(Ravana said-) Oh fool! Listen, I am the same powerful Ravan, whose leela of arms (Karamat) knows Mount Kailas. Whose bravery is known by Umapati Mahadevji, whom I worshiped by offering flowers as my head.
I have worshiped Tripurari Shivji a number of times after taking off the lotus with my hands. Hey idiot! I know the might of my arms, Dikpal, in whose heart he is still piercing.
The giants (elephants of directions) know the hardness of my chest. Whose terrible teeth, whenever I forcefully confronted them, never burst into my chest (could not even make their mark), but they broke like radish as soon as they came from my chest.
Due to which the earth shakes while walking like a small boat while a drunken elephant is climbing! I am the same world famous glorious Ravana. Hey false fuckers! Have you ever heard me with my ears?
You call that (great and illustrious world famous) Ravana (me) small and praises man? Hey evil, rude, insignificant monkey! Now I know your knowledge.
Hearing these words of Ravana, Angad said the words with anger – hey boastful! Speak carefully (thoughtfully). Whose ax was like fire to burn the immense forest like the arms of Sahasrabahu.
Whose number of kings drowned many times in the rapid stream of the sea, the pride of Parashuramji, who fled on seeing this, oh unfortunate Dashi! Why are they human?
Why are you stupid fools? Is Shri Ramchandraji a man? Is Kamadev also an archer? And what river is Gangaji? What animal is Kamadhenu? And what tree is the Kalpavriksha? What is food donation too? And what is nectar?॥
What are the birds of Garuda? What snake is Seshaji? Hey Ravan! What is Chintamani stone too? Hey idiot! Listen, what is Vaikuntha as well? And what is the (and the same benefits) of Shri Raghunathji’s Akhand Bhakti?
Thy honor, including the army, desolate the Ashoka forest, burning the city and killing your son who returned (you could not spoil him), why you evil man! What monkey is he, Hanumanji?
Hey Ravan! Listen cleverly (treachery). Why don’t you worship Shri Raghunathji, the sea of grace? Hey wicked! If you are disgusted with Shri Ramji, you will not be able to save even Brahma and Rudra.
Hey fool! Don’t waste your cheek (brag nor hawk). When you are angry with Shri Ramji, it will happen to you that your head group will fall on the earth in front of the apes as soon as the arrow of Shri Ramji is hit
And the bear-monkey will play Chaugan with many heads like those balls. When Shri Raghunathji wakes up in battle and his sharp shards will release many arrows.
Will your cheek then Offer consideration to the generous (kind) Shri Ramji. Ravana got very much water after hearing these words of Angad. As if the burning fire had melted into the fire.
(He said- Oh fool!) Kumbhakarna – Such is my brother, Indra’s enemy, the famous Meghnad is my son! And you have not heard my might, that I have won the whole root-conscious world!
Hey rogue! Rama tied the sea by adding the help of apes, that is his lordship. Many birds cross the sea. But with this, not all of them become knights. Hey, silly monkey! Listen-.
My arm is full of water like sea force, in which many mighty gods and humans have drowned. (Tell,) who is such a knight, who will be able to cross my bottomless and immense twenty seas?
Hey wicked! I filled up the water with the hardships and you tell me the pleasure of a king! If your master, whose virtue you are repeatedly saying, is a warrior fighting in the battle.

Ravana’s crown and fall from the arrow of Shri Ramji

So (why) does he send the messenger? Does he not feel ashamed when he is in love with the enemy? (First) Look at my arms churning Kailas. Oh, fool then apes! Appreciating your boss.
Who is a knight like Ravana? One who chopped his head off with his hands gave him home in fire many times with utmost joy! Gauripati Shivji himself is a witness to this.
When I saw the letters of the creator written on my foreheads while burning the foreheads, I laughed knowing that the voice of the creator (the article) was untrue, after the death of the human being.
By understanding (remembering) that thing, I do not have fear in my mind. (Because I understand that) Old Brahma has written this with the illusion of wisdom. Hey idiot! You leave shame and dignity before me and say the force of another hero again and again!
Angad said – Hey Ravan! There is no one like you in the shameful world. Ashamed is your natural nature. You never say your qualities with your mouth.
The story of cutting off the head and lifting Kailas was engrossed in mind, you told him twice. You have kept the strength of the arms hidden in the heart, by which you had won Sahasrabahu, Bali, and Bali.
Hey, dull brain! Listen, now just do it. Does anyone become a knight even after beheading? The creator of Indrajal is not called a heroic, though he cuts his entire body on his own hands.
Hey, dull brain! Understand The moths die in the fire, the flocks of donkeys carry the burden, but for this reason, they are not called knights.
Hey wicked! Now don’t get upset, listen to my word, and give up pride! Hey Deshmukh! I have not come (messenger) like a messenger. Mr. Raghuveer has sent me thinking like this.
Kripalu Shri Ramji repeatedly says that killing a wolf does not earn Singh fame. Hey idiot! I have tolerated your harsh words by thinking (remembering) the Lord’s (those) words in mind. Kripalapu Shri Ramji repeatedly says that killing a wolf does not make Singh famous. Hey idiot! I have endured your harsh words only by thinking (remembering) the Lord’s (those) words in my mind.
Otherwise, I would have forcefully taken Sitaji by breaking your face. Oh! Enemies of the gods! I knew your strength only when you listened to a foreign woman who brought her (Chura).
You are the king of demons and very arrogant, but I am the messenger of Shri Raghunathji’s servant (Sugriva) (also the servant of the servant). If I am not afraid of insulting Shri Ram, then in my eyes I should make such a spectacle that –
By slamming you to the ground, killing your army, and plundering (destroying and corrupting) your village, oh fool! Take your young lady along with Janaki ji
Even if I do so, there is no magnification in it. There is nothing masculinity (bravery) in killing the dead. Left-witted, wretched, stingy, extremely stupid, very poor, infamous, very old,
A patient of the continent, a man of constant anger, alienated from Lord Vishnu, the antagonist of the Vedas and the saints, nurturing his own body, alien condemner, and sinner (great sinner) – these fourteen living beings are like dead.
Hey wicked! I do not kill you by thinking like this. Now don’t make me angry (don’t make me angry). On hearing the words of Angad, the demon Raj Ravana cut his lips from the teeth, became angry, and said, rubbing his hands.
Hey, despicable monkey! Now you want to die That is why smallmouth says big things. Hey, silly monkey! On whose strength you are uttering bitter words, there is no strength, brilliance, wisdom, or sharpness in it.
The father gave him exile only after considering him as virtuous and honorable. He has one (his) sorrow, the rival of the young woman and then my fear remains day and night.
Many humans, whose strength you are proud of, eat demons night and day. Hey idiot! Stubbornly understood
When he condemned Shri Ramji, then Kapishrestha Angad became very angry, because (the scriptures say that) one who hears the condemnation of Lord Vishnu and Shiva with his ears, he commits a sin like cow slaughter.
Vanara Shrestha Angad very loudly (did the word) and he tamakkar (loudly) hit both his arms on the earth. The earth began to move, (the one sitting with) the councilor fell and ran away from the dreaded wind (ghost).
Ravana rose up and fell. His very beautiful crown fell on the earth. He lifted some of them and put them on his head and some Angad lifted it and threw it to Lord Shri Ramchandraji.
The apes ran on seeing the crowns coming. (Started thinking) Vidhata! Did the meteor fall within the day itself (the stars began to fall apart)? Or has Ravana waged four thunderbolts in anger, who are coming with great speed (speed)?
Lord (laughing) said to them – Do not be afraid in your mind. These are neither meteors, nor thunderbolts, nor are Ketu or Rahu. Dear brother! These are the crowns of Ravana, who is thrown by Baliputra Angad.
Pawan son Shree Hanumanji jumped up and grabbed them by hand and brought them to the Lord. Bearch and apes started watching the spectacle. His light was like the sun.
There (in the assembly) the angry Ravana became most angry and said that – Take the monkey and kill him by catching. Angad smiled on hearing this.
(Ravana then said-) After killing it, all the warriors run immediately and eat the bears wherever they find the bears. Make the earth devoid of monkeys and go and catch both ascetic brothers (Rama-Laxman) live.
(Hearing these wicked words of Ravana) Then the Crown Prince Angad said in anger – You do not feel ashamed to play cheek! Hey cheeky! Hey Dishonor! Throat (die by committing suicide)! Seeing my strength, does not your chest crack!
Hey lady thief! Hey walkers! Oh wicked, the amount of sin, slow intelligence and deeds! What are you mistaking in the typhoon? Hey evil demon! You have come under the rule of time!
You will get the result of this when the apes and bears are being hit. Ram is a human being, as soon as he utters such a word, hey arrogant Do not your tongues fall?
There is no doubt that your tongues (but not alone) will fall into the battlefield with the ends.
Hey decade! How is a man who killed Bali with a single arrow? Hey Kujati, Hey Root! Despite having twenty eyes, you are blind. Damn your birth.
The arrows of Shri Ramchandraji are thirsty with thirst for your blood. (They will remain thirsty) Out of this fear, the vile demons who make bitter gossip! I leave you
I am able to break your teeth. But what should I do? Mr. Raghunathji did not give me permission. There is such anger that I will break your ten and hold (your) Lanka and drown it in the sea.
Your Lanka is like the fruit of sycamore. All you insects are settling fearlessly inside it (ignorantly). I am a monkey, how long did I eat this fruit? But the benevolent (kind) Shri Ramchandraji did not give such a command.
Hearing Angad’s tactic, Ravana smiled (and said-) Oh fool! Where did you learn to lie a lot? Bali never hit such a cheek. It seems that you have become strong by meeting the ascetics.
(Angad said-) Hey there are twenty arms! If I have not uprooted your ten tongues, then I am truly brave. Angad became enraged by understanding (remembering) Sri Ramachandraji’s majesty and he pledged (with firmness) to Ravana’s assembly.
(And said-) Oh fool! If you can remove my footing then Shri Ramji will return, I lost to Sitaji. Ravana said- O all hero! Listen, hold the foot and beat the monkey on the earth.
Many powerful warriors like Indrajit (Meghnad) etc. woke up from wherever. They pounce with full force through many measures. But the feet do not stop, then they lower their head and then go to their respective places.
(Kakbhushundiji says-) Those enemies (demons) of the gods rise again and pounce, but O Garuda, the enemy of snakes! Angad’s phase does not stop from them in the same way as Kuyogi (subjective) men cannot uproot the tree of attachment.
Millions of brave warriors, who were like Meghnad in the force, rose up in joy, they pounce again and again, but the stage of apes does not arise, then they sit with their heads bowed with shame.
Just as the mind of a saint does not leave the policy even in the face of crores of obstacles, similarly the stage of monkey (Angad) does not leave the earth. Seeing this, the item of the enemy (Ravana) went away!
Seeing the strength of Angad, everyone lost in heart. Then Ravana got up on Angad’s challenge. When he started to catch Angad’s phase, then Bali Kumar Angad said – “Holding my foot will not save you!”
Hey fool – why don’t you go and catch the feet of Shri Ramji? Hearing this, he returned with great hesitation in his mind. All his shri kept going. He became as fast as the moon appears in the afternoon.
He lowered his head and sat on the throne. As if you are sitting after losing all the property. Shri Ramchandraji is the master of the soul and soul of the world. How can one who is alienated from them find peace?
(Shiva says-) O Uma! The world arises from the illusion (eye gesture) of Shri Ramchandraji, and then perishes, which makes the Vajra the Vajra and the Vajra the Trinitarian (makes the great weak the great and the great powerful the weak) , Say the pledge of their messenger, how can this be postponed?॥
Then Angad gave policy in many ways. But Ravan did not listen, because his era had come near. Angad broke the enemy’s pride and told him the blessings of Lord Sri Ramachandraji and then he left the son of King Bali saying –
What should I boast till now (already) until I play you in the battlefield? Angad had already (before coming to the assembly) killed his son. Ravana became sad after hearing that dialogue.
Seeing Angad’s vow (successful), all the demons became very distraught with fear.
After killing the force of the enemy, the amount of the force, the son of Angadji came cheerfully and caught hold of the feet of Shri Ramchandraji. His body is pulsed and the eyes (of the Anandashru) are filled with water.


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