Announcement of Janak Pratidya by prisoners not lifting bow from kings, Janaka’s disappointing voice

 Announcement of Janak – Then King Janaka called the Vandijans (Bhaktas). He came to sing Virudavali (Kirti of Dynasty). The king said – go and tell me your vow. Let it go, there was no less joy in his heart

Bhatts said the best word – O all the kingdoms that sustain the earth! Listen. We raise our arm and say a huge vow of Janakji-॥
The strength of the arms of the kings is the moon, the bow of Shiva is Rahu, it is heavy, hard, it is known to all. The great heavy warriors Ravana and Banasura also saw this bow and kept walking (secretly) from the village (it was far from lifting, did not even dare to touch it).
With the victory of the three worlds, whoever breaks the rigid bow of the same Lord Shiva in this society today, Jankiji will stubbornly select it without any thought.
On hearing the vow, all the king got enticed. Those who were arrogant with bravery, they were very brilliant in their minds. Tightly arched and got up and went to the head of his favorite people.
They stare (stoically) towards Shivji’s bow and then stare at him and hold him vigorously for crores, but he does not get up. The kings who have some sanity in their minds do not go near the bow.
 So The foolish king Tamkkar (Kitkitakar) grabs the bow, but when it does not rise, he goes ashamed, as if the bow gets heavier with the strength of the arms of the brave.
Then ten thousand kings started lifting the bow at once, even then it did not stop their locks. How did that bow of Shivji not falter, like Sati’s mind (never) moves with the words of Kami Purush?
All kings become worthy of ridicule, just as an ascetic becomes reclusive without disinterest. Kirti, Vijay, great valor – they all went away after defeating Dhanush at the hands of Dhanush.
The king lost his heart and became Shrihin (stunned) and went to his society. On seeing the kings (unsuccessful), Janak Akula woke up and spoke such words as if they were engross in anger.
Hearing the vow I had, many kings of the island came. Gods and demons also came wearing human bodies and many more Randhir Veers came.
But Brahma, who breaks the bow, will get a beautiful victory, great victory, and very beautiful fame, as if Brahma did not create anyone.
Say, who does not like this benefit, but no one offered Shankar’s bow. Dear brother! Plating and breaking away was not done, no one could save even a mole of land.
No more arrogant arrogance of valor. I know, the earth became empty of heroes. Now leave hope and go to your home, Brahma did not even write the marriage of Sita.
If I leave the vow, then the virtue goes, so what should I do, the girl remains a virgin. If I knew that the Earth is zero with heroes, then by vowing I would not be ridiculed.

Shri Sitaji enters Yagyashala Shri Ramcharitmanas


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