Arjuna receives divinity ~ Mahabharata

Arjuna receives divinity ~ Mahabharata

Arjuna receives divinity  –Once, Veerwar Arjun crossed the mountains of Uttarakhand and reached an incomparable beautiful forest. In the peaceful environment there, he started doing austerities to Lord Shankar. To test their austerities, Lord Shankar came in that forest wearing a Bhil. On coming there, Shiva in the form of Bhil saw that the ascetic, in the form of a monster Pug, was in the power of Arjuna. (Arjuna receives divinity)

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Shiva released his arrow on that monster. At the time when Lord Shankar left the arrow after seeing the monster, at the same time Arjuna’s austerity was broken and his vision fell on the monster. He too lifted his Gandiva bow and released an arrow on it.

The two arrows hit the snout together and his life went out. When Shukra dies, both Shiva and Arjuna start claiming Shukra dead with his arrow. Disputes between the two escalated and the dispute took the form of war.

Arjuna continued to rain arrows on the Bhils from Gandiv, but his arrows collided with the Bhil’s body and broke and the Bhil kept smiling in peace. In the end all the arrows of his quiver were finished. On this, Arjuna attacked Bhil with his sword. Arjuna’s sword also collided with Bhil’s body and broke into two pieces. Now Arjuna became angry and started fighting with Bhil. Even in the Malla war, Arjuna fainted with Bhil’s attack.

After a while, when Arjun’s idol broke, he saw that Bhil is still standing there smiling. Seeing the power of Bhil, Arjuna was very surprised and he put a wreath on the Shiva idol to get the power to kill Bhil, but Arjun saw that the garland went to the Bhil gorge instead of falling on the Shiva idol. From this, Arjuna understood that Lord Shankar was present there as Bhil.

Arjun fell at Shankar’s feet. Lord Shankar took his true form and said to Arjuna – “O Arjuna! I am very pleased with your austerity and might and offer you animal husbandry.”

Lord Shankar passed away by offering her an animal husband. After that Varun, Yama, Kubera, Gandharva and Indra came riding on their respective vehicles there. Arjuna duly worshiped all the gods. Seeing this, Yamaraja said- “Arjuna! You are the incarnation of the male and Shri Krishna is the incarnation of Narayana. Together you both lighten the weight of the earth.”

In this way, all the gods gave blessings to Arjuna and gave them different types of divine and supernatural weapons and weapons. While going back to his world from Arjuna, Indra said- “O Arjuna, you have to perform many works of the gods, so my charioteer will come to take you.”

Therefore, Arjuna stayed in the same forest and waited. After some time, Indi’s charioteer Matali reached there and took Arjuna in the plane and took him to Amravati, the city of Devraj. Arjun bowed to Indra and approached him. Devaraja Indra blessed Arjuna and provided his near posture.

While living in Amaravati, Arjuna learned the method of using the divine and supernatural weapons received from the gods and mastered them by practicing to operate those weapons. One day Indra said to Arjuna – “Watts! You learn the art of music and dance from Gandharva called Chitrasen.” Chitrasen got Indra’s command and made Arjun skilled in the art of music and dance. One day while Chitrasen was teaching Arjuna music and dance, Indra’s Apsara Urvashi came there and was fascinated by Arjuna. Urvashi got the opportunity. Said to Arjuna- “O Arjuna! Seeing you, my lust has awakened, so please please sit with me and calm my lust. ”

Hearing Urvashi’s words, Arjun said- “O devi! Our ancestors had raised the pride of our dynasty by marrying you. Therefore, being the mother of Puru clan, you are like our mother. Devi! I bow to you.”

Urvashi’s heartbreak arose from Arjuna’s words and he said to Arjuna – “You have spoken words like eunuchs, so I curse you that you will remain immoderate for a year.” After saying this Urvashi left from there. When Indra came to know about this incident, he said to Arjuna – “Watts! The behavior you have done was worthy of you. This curse of Urvashi was also the wish of God, this curse will work during your unknown life. At the time of your one-year exile, you will remain impotent and on completion of the exile you will again receive masculinity. ”

On the other hand, the remaining Pandavas came to the ashram of Rishi Arshikshana, seeing many beautiful scenes of Uttarakhand. After giving him a fair welcome, Maharishi Arshikshan said – “O Dharmaraj Yudhishthira! You people should not go beyond Gandhamadan mountain anymore, because only Siddhas and Goddesses can go ahead of it. So you can stay here and come to Arjuna. Wait for it. ”

In this way, the Pandavas’ congregation stayed in the ashram of Maharishi Architishan and waited for Arjuna’s arrival. In that waiting period, Bhima put an end to all the evil and demons living there.

On the other hand, when Arjun was living in Indra’s Puri Amravati, one day Indra said to him – “O Parth! By staying here, you have become well versed in all the weapons and science and your

Like archer there will hardly be any other in this world. Now you fight and kill my enemy Nivatakavach. After slaying the Nivatakavacha monster, Indra praised Arjuna’s might and said, “O Parth! Now your work is over here. Your brothers are waiting for you on the Gandhamadan mountain. Let me get you now. To them. ”

Thus Arjuna came to his brothers in the Gandhamadan mountain sitting in his chariot with Devraj Indra. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira duly worshiped Devaraja Indra. Arjuna also embraced Nakula, Sahadeva and other members of the congregation after touching the feet of the sages, Brahmins, Yudhishthira and Bhima. After this, Devraj Indra went back to his own country after arranging for the congregation to stay in the palace of Kubera situated on the Gandhamadan mountain. (Arjuna receives divinity)

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